Stuart Burns
CEO and Chief Pilot

CEO and co-founder of Casair in 1992, Stuart has more than 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry. Stuart’s extensive flying experience of almost 15,000 hours as Pilot in Command on various flight operations includes Corporate Charter, FIFO, Freight Charter, Search and Rescue operations and has significant experience in Remote area and Black hole operations.

Michael Hodnett
Operations Manager

Michael brings to Casair a diverse business skillset with a strong career background in logistics, marketing, transport and training. He has specific experience in operations and general management, customer service, marketing, and professional development training. Michael is a process driven, critical thinker, who like to see things put in the correct box. However, when it comes to finding solutions to meet the needs of the customer, his thinking is often – very much “outside of the box”.  From a business point of view, Michael’s passion is customer service excellence, and his aim is to continually improve the service experience enjoyed by our customers.

Shellee Haigh
Business Development Manager, Freight

Joining Casair in 2017 and bringing to the company a 25-year career in transport & logistics. Having this industry experience across a variety of roles within these organisations has allowed Shellee to apply her extensive knowledge and understanding of the effects of one department or business on another, to urgent and specialised freight – her forté!  With Shellee’s broad freight experience across Mining & Resources, specialised dangerous goods, and urgent freight across Australia’s network – Shellee and her team at Casair Freight are leading the way as the most trusted Freight service provider in Australia. 

Russell Stokes
Aviation Sales Manager

Russell joined Casair in 2019 from a diverse background in Banking, Business Coaching, HR solutions, General Management and Business Development. With this broad knowledge across various industries, Russell has a strong understanding of Client’s expectations and having a solutions-based mindset, will listen to the project scope and find a solution to get Executives, employees, and contractors in the air; on-site, on-time and more than anything else – Safely.  If your Company is searching for a regular Fly-in/Fly-out roster to a remote site in Australia or a once-off Corporate team building flight to a winery in Margaret River – Russell has the solutions to get you in the air!