Check In Information
Check in opens one hour before the scheduled departure time for the flight.  Check in closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  Any passenger not checked in prior to check in closing time may not be permitted to travel.

Passenger Weights
The maximum permissible weight for any passenger is 130kg.  This is a structural limitation for aircraft design standards and is a safety requirement.  Any passenger who thinks they may exceed 130kg should contact Complete Aviation Services to verify whether or not they will be permitted to travel.

Baggage Weights
Each passenger is permitted to have a maximum of 10kg of baggage inclusive of checked baggage and carry on baggage.  This baggage weight limit must not be exceeded unless approval is granted from Complete Aviation before 1600pm on the day before the flight.  It remains at the Captain’s discretion as to whether any excess baggage will be permitted on the day of the flight.  Any excess baggage not requested to Complete Aviation Services before 1600pm on the day before the flight will not be permitted to travel.

Suitable Attire
Passengers should present themselves in a clean and tidy fashion wearing enclosed footwear.

Parking & Transport
Complete Aviation Services has limited parking bays available for passengers.  The parking is unsecured and is free of charge on a first come basis.   Passengers inbound from site to Jandakot shall advise the aircraft Captain if they would like a taxi ordered for their arrival into Jandakot.

Dangerous Goods
Personal Electronic Devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop computers and any other device that may be powered by a lithium battery is not permitted to travel as checked baggage.  Any item that may contain a lithium battery may only be carried as carry on baggage.  All tool boxes must be made available for Dangerous Goods inspection.

Smoking & Alcohol
Australian law does not allow smoking on or near any aircraft.  Australian law also does not permit any intoxicated person to travel on an aircraft.  Any person who appears to be intoxicated will not be permitted to board an aircraft.

Contact Details
If you have a query regarding your flight to or from a mine site, please contact your mine site travel co-ordinator as we can not release any information regarding any passengers.

Late or No Show Passengers may contact Check In Staff during the period that Check In is open on 08 63994309.