Go the best way

CASAIR have been moving people and packages in Australia and beyond for over 30 years.

Air Charter

The best way to move people

The CASAIR fleet features a range of aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Australia and operating from the smallest of airfields.

Whether you’re traveling in small groups for FIFO operations, maintenance shutdowns, site visits or executive transport, get where you’re going faster and more efficiently without the hassles.

Freight Solutions

The best way to move packages

CASAIR Freight is capable of reaching anywhere in Australia and world wide.  We have transport partners for all freight moving by air, land or sea.

Whatever it is, and wherever it’s going, we’ll find the best way way to get it there to suit your budget and timeframe.

Complete Charter and Freight Services in Australia

CASAIR are highly respected due to our years of experience in the mining sector, providing a full suite of Air Charter services, Passenger, Executive, FIFO & Urgent Freight solutions.

CASAIR is also BARS accredited (one of the highest safety standards in aviation), which is no surprise considering our dedication to a Safety first culture has ensured a 100% safety record in our 30 years of flight operations. A record that our team is very proud of and works very hard to maintain.

If your company is searching for a regular FIFO roster to a remote site in Australia or ad hoc VIP corporate site day visit, we can help. Focusing on a solution based approach, we discuss your requirements with you at your office so we can provide the solution to get you and your team to your destination The Best Way, efficiently and safely.

Moving time-critical packages from A to B, across borders and overseas

CASAIR have been moving people & packages for over 30 years. In that time we’ve learned some clever ways to move things more effectively without compromising on safety. We have access to time-critical transport solutions to suit every need, and are here to help you identify the best way to get it there within your timeframe and budget.

Aircraft Operations

The best way to access remote and regional areas across Australia is by fast aircraft. With flexible timetables and a range of aircraft available, we can tailor a travel plan to suit your needs.

Freight Solutions

CASAIR Freight specialises in delivering freight on time and on budget. We’re experts at handling dangerous goods and providing urgent equipment transport anywhere in the world by air, land or sea.


The best way to move people and packages

CASAIR has been operating for over 30 years, moving people within Western Australia and all over the continent, and packages all over the world.

Flying with us

CASAIR is here to make your life easier, with a dedicated charter flight to almost anywhere in Australia. Get there (and home) faster and fresher, without the long waits.