Air Freight Transport

There are often limitations by weight or size for what can be successfully uplifted on commercial flights and on freighter networks. Sometimes there are even differences between the same type of aircraft of what may or may not be able to be uplifted.

CASAIR Freight are experts at determining the best way to lodge your time critical freight, taking into consideration the weight and dimensions per item, the sending and receiving port locations, the time frame needed and the aircraft type travelling on the route.

Transportation Options

Sometimes we will not be able to lodge freight on a direct flight to the end destination so we will lodge through another airport to transfer to another flight through to receiving port, or we can forward using a road linehaul, Direct Drive, or charter flight. We will always find the best way to fit with your budget and timeframe.

Narrow bodied aircraft have greater restrictions on the weight and size of the items able to be loaded, compared with wide bodied aircraft which utilise ULDs (unit load devices). ULDs also vary in size and capacity with different ULD types used on commercial flights and freighter aircraft. CASAIR Freight has the industry knowledge to factor all of this into the decision-making process when planning your lodgement.

Booking and Services

Use our online booking tool and make sure you provide the date when the item is ready and when it is required at the end destination so we can work out the best way to move the freight. We may be able to lodge on the more economical airfreight service – Standby which can take 2-3 days, subject to flight schedules on the specified route. The Express service is usually uplifted within 24 hours of the freight being lodged at the airline, while the Priority uplift service gets treated with greater priority over Express and Standby. The only items which get even greater priority is urgent medical freight and aircraft parts for grounded aircraft (AOG – aircraft on ground) shipments.

When lodging with the airlines, they only provide an airport to airport service. CASAIR Freight can add on pickup and/or delivery providing a door to door, door to airport or airport to door service. We have the flexibility of using different pick up and delivery operators, depending on the location. We’re not locked into using one carrier all the way through.

Dangerous Goods Transport

CASAIR Freight has the ability to coordinate Dangerous Goods to move by air, including the provision of correct IATA approved packaging, labelling and Dangerous Goods Declaration.

Sending items with batteries by air? No problem – just complete our battery declaration (available to download from the online booking tool, complete and then upload prior to submitting the request) and we can then determine the best way to move your batteries in accordance with the current IATA regulations.

The CASAIR Freight Team

We are the airfreight experts, so let us manage this potentially complex process for you – allowing you and your staff more time to focus on other tasks. CASAIR Freight team will generate the paperwork required for your lodgement, and provide full updates as the item travels including when it is collected, lodged, uplifted, arrived, onforwarded, out for delivery, and delivered. This way, if there are ANY delays, we will notify you as early as possible so your customer or your team can make any necessary changes to their schedule.