The best way to travel faster

The CASAIR fleet features a range of aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Australia and operating from the smallest of airfields. Whether you’re traveling in small groups for FIFO operations, executive transport or tourism, we’ll provide the best way to get you there safely and efficiently.

Flying with us

CASAIR is here to make your life easier, with a dedicated charter flight to almost anywhere in Australia. Get there (and home) faster and fresher, without the long waits. In addition to your own itinerary, you also have the benefits of:

Air travel is much safer than road travel. When you consider many Australian roads are shared with road trains, wildlife and fatigued drivers!

Air travel can improve time management by more than 80% when compared with road travel for a 400km journey. The added benefits of a private aircraft charter flight are the significantly reduced check in time and invasive security checks.  Plus we can often fly to small airfields that are closer to your destination than the scheduled airline airports, further saving time.

Executive flights schedules can be arranged such that VIPs arrive at the airport, quickly board and go.  By prior agreement, the aircraft can wait at the destination airport to fly the VIPs back to the point of departure or to another destination.

Your air charter is dedicated to you, so conversations remain confidential. You have total control of who travels with you and what information is shared.

With minimum times required to check in and board, personnel can focus on their task at hand. Passengers can read their briefs, complete their reports or conduct in-flight meetings combining the benefits of efficiency and security enroute. They arrive at their destination without the hassle of crowded airport terminals and baggage carousels, and can get on with what they need to do.

Charter T&Cs


We’re BARS registered, and a member of RAAA. Having operated since 1992 we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer experience and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking is available at our Jandakot hangar for day trips
For overnight and longer stays, we have long term parking available at our secure warehouse in Canning Vale. A shuttle bus is used to transfer passengers between the parking facility and our warehouse.

There is maximum individual passenger weights applicable which vary, depending on the aircraft operating on the booked sector.

CASAIR’s Metro II fleet have a weight limit of 130kg.  Passengers are weighed in at check in.

There is an allowable baggage weight of 10kg per passenger.  Bags are weighed in at check in.  Additional baggage is available in some cases with prior arrangement.

Check in is 45-30 mins before departure time.

Board 10 mins before departure time so the aircraft is wheels off at the posted time.

Please call the office or your company supervisor or decision maker on the flight. Communication is the essence of a good relationship… again depending on the time delay and the decision from the client whether the passengers timing delay as to whether the aircraft will delay or leave without them.

There are no toilets on our aircraft

There are toilets available at our Jandakot hangar

Food is available if the charter client requests at the time of booking the flight