Complete Aviation Aircraft

Fairchild Metroliner II


(photo credit Keith Anderson)

The back bone of our aircraft charter operation is the Metro II aircraft.  This aircraft is a very effective tool for both passenger and freight operations.

Offering high speed and a pressurised cabin, the Metro II is the largest aircraft that can operate into short unsealed airstrips.  At speeds in excess of 500 km/hr, we can have your personnel or freight delivered to almost anywhere in Australia within a very short period of time.

Additional benefits of the Metro II are the large cabin with only 12 passenger seats accessed by a forward air stair and the huge cargo door which allows the loading of oversized freight items.

Merlin IIIC


Our luxuriously appointed Merlin IIIC aircraft is ideal for executive travel throughout Australia.  With a massive range it is possible to fly between any capital city non stop, or to fly to remote sites and back.  With seating for up to six in large leather seats in pressurised comfort, onboard refreshment centre and toilet equipped, the Merlin is the most effective aircraft type when you consider speed, range and comfort.


Piper Navajo


Our Piper Navajo offers twin engine security and all weather operations for up to seven passengers with a range of more than 1200km.  The Navajo is ideal for time efficient travel for business meetings.  A 400km road trip can be reduced to just 70 minutes in a Navajo aircraft allowing key personnel to achieve more effective time working rather than driving a car.