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Fly In Fly Out (FIFO)workers, and Western Australian businesses that have FIFO staff members, we cater specifically to you. Introducing our FIFO air charter division, servicing our remote staff in Western Australia and beyond.


That is right, your team at CASAIR assists clients in sourcing, arranging and managing FIFO charter flights across Western Australia, and Australia as a whole.

We understand that so many of our cornerstone industries, like mining, resources, oil and gas and marine sectors involve high capital and operational costs. Furthermore, they are typically situated in remote locations and require their staff to come in from major cities, like Perth. Therefore we are bringing FIFO specific air charter services to you.

Considering that workers often travel long distances by land transport or via an expensive commercial airline, our chartering services will offer your Perth business a timely and cost-effective option.

  • No more delays: A CASAIR air charter for FIFO means that our focus is to charter your flight, not to stick to commercial air schedules. Simple airport cancellations for convenience do not happen with us, the chartered flights are here to stick to your timeframes.
  • Safe aviation: With our recent BARS Registered Aircraft Operator certificate, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in professional and safe hands. Your aviation experience will be as sound as it gets, as you are leveraging a top-of-the-line service provider for your FIFO staff.
  • Improved HR: There is no better way to tell your staff you value them, but ensuring they get to and from work safely, and privately. Many of our FIFO clients have commented that their staff retention and overall staff wellbeing improved after they engaged us for air chartering, as the team loved the importance placed on them and their transport.

Whether you require long-term FIFO services or a one-off charter flight for your FIFO staff, you can rely on CASAIR to deliver. We place immense importance in getting you to your site and back in one piece, and eliminating the hassles associated with travelling in large groups through a commercial airline.

Get in touch with CASAIR, your Perth flight charter service for FIFO

Do you have FIFO workers within your Perth business? Then a charter service in Perth might be a streamlined solution that your business needs. We invite you to get in touch with our team regarding flight charter services for FIFO. We look forward to hosting your FIFO teams and providing you with the utmost premium service that your business rightfully deserves. It is time to take to the skies in the best way possible and to look after your FIFO teams. Thanks to the support and quality that comes with a partnership with CASAIR, your FIFO business will soar to new heights!

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