Fairchild Metroliner II

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Fairchild Metroliner II

The back bone of our aircraft charter operation is the Metro II aircraft. This aircraft is a very effective tool for both passenger and freight operations.

Offering high speed and a pressurised cabin, the Metro II is the largest aircraft that can operate into short unsealed airstrips. At speeds in excess of 500 km/hr, we can have your personnel or freight delivered to almost anywhere in Australia within a very short period of time.

Additional benefits of the Metro II are the large cabin with only 12 passenger seats accessed by a forward air stair and the huge cargo door which allows the loading of oversized freight items.

Short unsealed runways

  • Payload of 1200kg
  • Up to 12 passengers
  • Ideal for small group FIFO
  • Pallet size door – 1325mm x 1280mm
  • High speed – over 500 km/hr
  • Able to land on unsealed runways
  • Long range capability – 3,500km
  • Ideal for moving heavy & large items
  • Ideal for drill bits
  • Ideal for helicopter blades
  • Cabin size 1550 x 1420 x 7600mm
  • All classes of Dangerous Goods freight
  • 2 Metros located in Jandakot
  • 1 Metro located in Broome
  • 1 Metro located in Darwin

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