Hot Shot Service

  • Utilising dedicated vehicles
  • Customised to your job details
  • We make sure your urgent parts are onsite as quickly as possible
  • We have access to 1 tonne utes, vans, ridged trucks, semi trailers, floats, drop deck trailers
  • We offer one and two driver hot shots
  • We can move oversized loads including pilot vehicles, permits and even Western Power as needed. 

Direct Drives for Urgent Deliveries

Direct Drives, also known as Hot Shots, are a crucial service for urgent deliveries when traditional airfreight or road linehaul options are not suitable. There are several reasons why Direct Drives are necessary, including machines down, vehicle breakdowns, or scheduled maintenance with tight timeframes.

Challenges with Airfreight

In some locations, airfreight using commercial flights or freighters is not an option due to weight and size restrictions. Maximum weight for airfreight can start at 30kg per piece on some airlines, and different aircraft on different routes have varying maximum weights and dimensions for airfreight. Furthermore, Australia is a vast country and not every location is serviced by airlines, we may be able to airfreight your consignment to the nearest airport but may need to utilise a Direct Drive for that last leg to its final destination making a Direct Drive the only viable option for the last leg of the delivery.

The flight schedule to the delivery destination may not be soon enough to get the gear to the receiver. A Direct Drive might be the quickest available option other than a charter flight.

There are usually road line hauls available but the linehaul schedule may be too slow to meet the required timeframe for the part being needed. Waiting for an urgent part can sometimes cost the customer thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per hour, so every minute counts in getting these urgent consignments to the end user. 

Additionally, some locations are so remote or in the very early stages of construction that there is no established road linehaul yet, making a Direct Drive necessary to deliver your urgent items through a serviceable road.

Efficient and Safe Delivery

To ensure efficient and safe delivery, most Direct Drives over 1200kms are booked as a 2-driver job. This allows the vehicle to keep moving with only stops for fuel, food, and personal breaks, with the drivers, taking turns driving while the other gets their required sleep breaks. However, for tighter budgets, Direct Drives can also be booked as a one-driver job, with the driver stopping for sleep breaks in accordance with state fatigue management regulations. It is important to note that driver welfare and safety are taken very seriously, and only reputable, professional operators are used for Direct Drive jobs.

Versatile Vehicle Types

CASAIR Freight has a pool of operators throughout Australia with a variety of vehicle types to move anything from 1kg through to semi-trailer loads, including oversized loads. With this versatility, Direct Drives can accommodate a wide range of urgent delivery needs.