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When it comes to flying on a private charter, we recognise that many passengers may have concerns with rough weather.

This fear may be particularly heightened if this is your first time flying on a private jet. Not to worry, our team at CASAIR are here to reassure you that we have taken the appropriate measures to ensure you have a safe flight, regardless of the weather. Today, we are exploring the topic of weather, and its impact on your private charter experience.


Before your scheduled trip


It comes as no surprise that poor weather can cause mayhem with flight schedules. When it comes to private jet planes, we have to adhere to the same safety regulations as our major commercial airline counterparts.

Therefore, we will not take off or land without the optimal weather for a flight. It is our responsibility to monitor the day-to-day situation, and if there are heavy winds or rain, your flight will be delayed or cancelled.


Is it safe to travel during winter?


Australian winters can be cold, and windy and can bucket down with rain at the best of times. We understand that this can cause concerns for passengers booking a charter.

This is where we want to remind passengers that a private jet can operate at below-freezing temperatures without any mechanical issues. The only real concern is icing on the runway and taxiway at the local airport. The crew takes strict measures to make sure the jet is de-iced before taking off.


Can a private jet fly when it’s raining or storming?


Our private charters were designed to depart and land in varying types of weather, including thunderstorms. Rain doesn’t really affect the ability of the flight, however, winds can debilitate your journey. Severe wind gusts can prompt the crew to change their route or delay the flight if the conditions are too poor for a safe trip. There are specific equipment, strategies and plans in place, onboard, that help the pilots and crew staff on the route during the flight, landing, and when taxiing.

Did you know, unlike a commercial airline, a private charter can accelerate their climb rates during a storm to get above the clouds? Regardless, you could feel a little turbulence, but the crew takes all measures to fly around the storm.

While private jets are designed for varying weather conditions, it is important to note that a severe storm can ground your flight. If the experienced pilot and crew feel that there is a risk during the takeoff, mid-air flight, or landing, they will take all safety measures to keep you safe.


What is the ideal weather?


In most cases, the weather does not have to impact your trip. However, the jet stream and winds may lead to a diverted route, even on a bright sunny day. If you ask us, clear days with minimal winds are the best weather conditions to take flight.


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