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The best way to move people & packages

CASAIR have been moving people and packages for over 30 years.

We work smarter to make life easier; finding ways to be more effective without compromising on safety. So we go the best way.


The best way to move people

The CASAIR fleet features a range of aircraft capable of reaching anywhere in Australia and operating from the smallest of airfields.

Whether you’re traveling in small groups for FIFO operations, maintenance shutdowns, site visits or executive transport, get where you’re going faster and more efficiently without the hassles with CASAIR.


The best way to move packagess

Whatever it is, and wherever it’s going, we’ll find the most effective way to get it there on time.


The best way to stay in the air longer

We get it, because we maintain our own fleet. That’s why we offer a fixed price guarantee.

Complete Aviation Services

CASAIR are highly respected due to our years of experience in the mining sector, providing a full suite of Air Charter services, Passenger, Executive, FIFO & Urgent Freight solutions.

CASAIR can get you as close as possible to your mine site area or drilling operation, even on unsealed runways, with the Metro II (12 seat) aircraft, Twin / Turbos, right up to 108+ seat jet aircraft available on ad hoc, contract or on demand basis at compelling prices.


The best way to move people and packages

CASAIR has been operating for over 30 years, moving people within Western Australia and all over the continent, and packages all over the world.