The best way to travel

CASAIR is the best way to get from A to B. Skip the queue and avoid the crowd with a chartered, custom route that will reduce your travel time and get you there faster, and fresher

If you would like to take some investors, bankers, media, VIP’s to your mine sites, the Merlin IIIc would be the ideal aircraft to make a lasting impression, it’s a great way to get there quickly, in complete comfort with 1st class seats, conference tables, drinks station and takes up to 7 passengers in comfort.

The best way to access remote and regional areas across Australia is by fast aircraft. With flexible timetables and a range of aircraft available, we can tailor a travel plan to suit your needs.

Flying with us

CASAIR is here to make your life easier, with a dedicated charter flight to almost anywhere in Australia. Get there (and home) faster and fresher, without the long waits.


We’re BARS registered, and a member of RAAA. Having operated since 1992 we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer experience and safety.