3 myths about transporting freight

Transporting freight locally, nationally and internationally is a large part of business operations.

Yet if you’re not directly part of the freight industry yourself, it’s easy to believe anything and everything you hear about what goes on with your precious freight.

A few beliefs about the transporting industry are false. 

As a leading provider in the Perth freight industry, we’re here to squash the falsities and state the facts. So, want to know the 3 myths about transporting freight?

Read more from the Perth air freight experts at Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) to find out.


  1. Truck drivers cause many accidents on Australian roads

Truck drivers, as with any other driver on the road, can find themselves the cause or victim of a traffic accident. However, there’s no direct link between truck drivers transporting freight causing more traffic accidents.

What’s the truth?

  • The truth is the media tends to sensationalise accidents involving trucks because they make for more dramatic news stories.
  • Also, the traffic accidents that do involve trucks often see more damage than a standard car vs car crash. This is because it takes truck drivers longer to react and stop because of the truck’s weight.
  • Instead, you’ll find truck drivers are generally the safer drivers on the road because of their experience and responsibility for their heavy loads.

Also, if you’re worried about driver fatigue on the roads, (another belief that’s often blown away out of proportion) you can turn to air freight solutions instead, the faster method of freight transportation.


  1. Freight transport companies are expensive

When you think about the money you pay for a Perth freight transport company – you really need to look towards to long-term benefits.


  • The costs involved with paying a freight forwarder are more likely to save you money for the price you pay.
  • For instance, if you have little to no idea and experience in moving freight, doing it yourself will very likely mean you pay a higher price.

There’s a lot more to moving freight from point A to point B. An expert Perth freight company knows the cost-effective, time-efficient strategies and methods to benefit your business. What could take you a week can take a freight company mere hours to sort out.


  1. Your business loses control when utilising a freight company

Again, this is false – you and your business won’t lose complete control when it comes to working with a Perth freight company.

In fact, you’ll likely gain more control. While we handle everything for you, we then give you complete control of your inventory, shipments and costs.


Transparent freight solutions

At CASAIR, we hope to change any and all reservations you may have about business freight transportation. We aim to be transparent and understanding of your business specifics, always working with you – not against you – to reach happy outcomes.

Looking for a trustworthy freight partner for your business?

Contact CASAIR today for high-quality, reliable freight transportation guaranteed to save your business time and money in the long-term.


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