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Needing to ship large equipment?


If your business is needing to ship machinery or other kinds of important commercial equipment across the country or overseas, you need to understand that it is a slightly complicated process. Because the procedures you need to follow while shipping your equipment to another country are very much different from sending them locally, it is important to acquaint yourself with the ‘check-list’.

In this article, we are sharing our tips on how to avoid costly mistakes while shipping equipment:

Have an ETA, and communicate that internally or with your external stakeholder

As with everything in life, expect delays. Nothing goes to plan, and in order to manage your pipeline and deadlines we recommend that you work with your shipping company to identify milestones. When will the shipment be dispatched and when will it arrive at the expected destination? This can allow you to plan ETAs within your team or with an external stakeholder. A big mistake we often hear about is people dismissing this step.

Do not ‘guesstimate’ shipping costs

Imagine this scenario. You’re trying to get your equipment on-site quickly. The good news is you are able to get the equipment on the carrier’s truck almost immediately. However, there is some bad news. You may be paying more to ship the item because of DIM weight pricing.

You can avoid an unexpected bill if you do your due diligence and research various shipping costs. Depending on the shipping carrier you use, you may be charged for things like Saturday delivery, fuel surcharges and delivery signatures. Be sure to understand these shipment fees in advance so that you don’t pay for a delivery feature you didn’t anticipate.

Be sure to check on taxes and duties

When you send an item overseas you need to pay taxes and customs duties. This can easily become a nightmare if you make mistakes while filling out the customs clearance forms. This is why working with an air freight company like CASAIR or hiring an overseas shipping service can make the process hassle-free. As experienced professionals who know the industry inside-out, we can help you to fill the forms correctly, both for Australia,  and the other paperwork for the country where you are sending the equipment to.

Find out if there are import or export restrictions

Do this well and truly beforehand. Does the equipment you are transporting meet the guidelines of the import permit of the country you are sending the shipment to? Check this thoroughly. You need to know whether it is allowed to go through any restrictions and have the proper information on-hand about the local environmental safety regulations. Again, this is something an air freight company like CASAIR can easily help you with.

Insurance is key

Insurance is everything. Remember that insurance on your shipment is never a waste of money. At the end of the day, whether you are placing a shipment interstate or overseas, there is always going to be a  high risk that your asset might get damaged in the process. Therefore it is a safety measure to have your shipment insured for accidents and damages, especially if they are high price commodities.


Are you wanting further advice on how to avoid mistakes while shipping your company’s equipment? Then we invite you to get in touch right away. Our team at CASAIR can help you, or even better if you choose us as your air freight company in Perth, we can alleviate all the stress for you and will ensure these common mistakes are not your concern.


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