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Gone are the days where private planes are reserved for just Hollywood’s finest. Nowadays, acquiring a private plane to get to where you need to go is possible, and accessible to those in Perth.

Not too long ago, we explored why you should consider choosing a private plane for your special occasion. However, what constitutes a private plane ‘worthy’ occasion?

You deserve that private plane experience, which is why we here at CAS AIR have created a list of occasions that warrant hiring a private plane in Perth


Hire a private plane in Perth for a sports event


Are you a stellar sports fan? Is the AFL grand final an occasion you simply cannot miss? Well, you’ll be happy to know that private planes are a hot commodity when it comes to sports.

When we look at sporting fans in the USA, you have fans taking planes to boxing matches, F1 races and the Superbowl. Many jet-setters in Australia follow the same trend for those must-see sporting moments that money simply cannot buy. Life is about making memories, and a private plane in Perth experience will definitely add some fond moments to look back on.



Hire a private plane in Perth for your honeymoon


You are set to get married to the love of your life, and will be enjoying an unforgettable honeymoon soon after. Why not embellish your honeymoon with opulence, by acquiring a private plane for the occasion. If there is ONE occasion in life that warrants a private plane in Perth, that occasion is undoubtedly your biggest day, your wedding!

When it comes to a honeymoon, we tend to have a `spare no expense` mindset. Which is completely fair if you ask us. When are you going to charter a private plane if not for your honeymoon?

Envision this – a bungalow in your favourite beachy paradise is booked, and you get there with just the two of you, to set the footprint for this incredible lifelong journey you are about to spend together.

Couples tend to prefer private planes because of the privacy, and the reduced time spent through customs, passport control procedures and other formalities. They can relax and spend more quality time together.



Your hen’s night or buck’s night


It’s your final ‘hurrah’, as they say! We are talking about a buck’s or hen’s party. Whether you and the girls/boys want to spend a weekend in Melbourne, or catch some waves in the Goldcoast, hiring a private plane can really set the festivities on a great foot.

Private planes are the best option to rest comfortably and prepare for the upcoming entertainment marathon. On the other hand, the party does begin as soon as the group gets together. We have had a few clients in the past who have chartered a private plane in Perth to set course for their ‘last hurrah’ night!



Bonus: Your 50th birthday


50 is one massive milestone! It comes with so much experience, and so much life ahead of you too. So, it only makes sense to go all out for your big day. We have seen clients ‘spare no expense’ for their 50th birthday, including chartering a private plane to elevate the festivities.



Explore our charter services, and be sure to get in touch to discuss the opportunities available with our private planes in Perth.

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