3 Surprising Benefits of Chartering a Private Plane

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In times such as these, reducing public exposure is high on many of our lists. 

If you’re lucky and live in Western Australia, it’s still relatively business as usual here. Although international travel for fun is off the cards for now, crucial interstate or even intrastate business travel is still necessary for some. 

This is where chartering a charter plane in Perth may be an option for you. 

After all, there’s so many benefits to do so, for business and/or pleasure. 

Want to know 3 benefits of chartering a private plane? 

Read more from the air freight Perth and passenger charter flights specialists at Complete Aviation Services (aka CASAIR) to find out. 


Customisable flight plans

Many private charter flight companies, including Complete Aviation Services, have access to convenient regional airports. 

What does this mean? 

  • That you, the passenger, can avoid delays and congestion in the skies. 
  • Many times, passengers can tailor their charter flight in Perth to choose their own origins and destinations, and even times. 

Customisable flight plans just aren’t possible on commercial jets. 

Experience the different of chartering a charter plane in Perth for all your passenger and air freight Perth specifications. 


Personalised service

Flight attendants are trained and expected to cater to passenger requests and needs up in the sky on commercial airplanes. However, there’s much more to be expected when you charter a private plane in Perth. 

What does this look like? 

  • You don’t have to arrive at the airport 2 hours (or more) before take off 
  • There’s more leg room and more flexibility for in-flight entertainment and refreshments 
  • Your pilot may be more willing to interact with you – safely, of course. 

When you choose Complete Aviation Services for your charter flight and air freight Perth needs, you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality, highly personalised service. 

From start to finish, on the ground and in the air – you can always rely on CASAIR. 


(Some) pets can fly!

They say pigs don’t fly, but when you charter a private plane in Perth, (some of) your pets can. 

Chartering a private plane in Perth is often more pet-friendly than flying commercial. 

If you book by the seat, you may be able to bring a well-trained dog up to 15kg on board, on your lap. 

Chartering the whole flight to yourself? You will likely have more flexibility. 

Talk to the chartered passenger plane and air freight Perth specialists at Complete Aviation Services today to find the exact details and guidelines you need. 


The air freight Perth and private passenger flight company you need

Complete Aviation Services offer the air freight Perth services and private chartered flights you need for business and pleasure. 

There’s so many reasons behind and benefits of chartering your own private flight – these are merely the lesser known ones. 

Complete Aviation Services make it simple for you, time after time, flight after flight. 

Need a private charter flight in Perth?  

Contact Complete Aviation Services today for all your passenger and air freight Perth needs. 

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