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There may be plenty of Perth jet charter companies around, but how do you know all are reputable and worth choosing for your air charter?

We want our goods, and even ourselves (which is also precious cargo), moved by air charter, safely efficiently and pronto!

Having a reputable and reliable air charter service helps greatly in doing this.

Safety, a complete service and insurance enquiries– this is you should ask about before choosing jet hire in Perth.

Read more from Complete Aviation Services on what to look for in a reputable jet charter company.


Look for safe Perth jet hire

The first and foremost item to check off your charter flight list is safety.

How can you do this? With a background check.

A Perth private charter and jet hire service will welcome inspections and questions from passengers or clients if they take safety seriously.

Such questions may include:

  • Has the charter flight company been audited by a third-party?
  • How is payment handled?
  • What are the policies and procedures relating to occupational health and safety, quality, communication and environment?
  • What is the call-out time for last minute flights? Is there 24/7 phone support available?

For a reputable jet hire Perth company, no question is too trivial.

Safety for passengers, freight and staff comes first for reputable jet charter companies like Complete Aviation Services.


Search for the complete jet charter flight Perth service

Private jet hire can be a fun experience for many first-time passengers.

Regular passengers on private air charters too, are fond of a bit of luxury or at the very least, a comfortable and relaxing journey.

Be sure to ask the charter flight company if they do a complete service – and what their interpretation of ‘complete service’ may be.

Complete service could be:

  • Transfers,
  • Car hire,
  • On-board catering,
  • Accommodation, and/or
  • Any other special requests.

Is your charter jet hire company in Perth caring for your needs on the ground just as much as they are up in the sky? If not, it’s time to find a reputable jet charter company that soars high above your expectations.

Experience the complete package from the complete aviation service company, CASAIR.


Check the insurance of your Perth air charter service

Does the jet charter company have standard liability insurance, or do they provide extra coverage and peace of mind?

Look for the Perth charter flight company that has more than standard insurance, because it shows they are confident in their abilities, are a reputable company and in the very rare instance of an issue, are willing to compensate.

Insurance such as:

  • Workers compensation insurance,
  • Comprehensive airport operators liability insurance,
  • Aircraft combined single limit liability insurance,
  • Passenger liability insurance, and
  • Hull insurance on all aircraft.

Complete Aviation Services have all these insurances in place for passenger and client peace of mind.


Choose Complete Aviation Services for your next Perth charter flight

Complete Aviation Services has been providing dependable aircraft charters for both people and freight for over twenty years, and we pride ourselves on delivering:

  • Cost and time efficient air charter,
  • Efficient and smooth sailing air travel for both passengers and freight, and
  • Maintaining safety at the highest calibre.

Finding the stand-out jet charter company may be hard but finding a reputable one is easy.

Need jet hire in Perth?

Contact CASAIR today for the complete aviation and reputable charter flight Perth company for you.



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