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We’ve talked about why flying private is the new flying business class. However, we haven’t really specified why you should fly private over commercial.

Want to know 4 reasons why you should fly privately over commercially?

Find out with the Perth charter flight company, Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) below.


Avoid crowds

Who can honestly, safely say they like crowds? Not many, if any of us at all.

Especially in a world where viruses are spreading, crowds of people should be limited wherever and whenever possible.

When you fly commercially, you come into contact with crowds – from check in to boarding, to actually being on the flight. Keeping that two-metre rule when flying commercially is unfeasible.

And who knows the health and hygiene practices of the person sitting next to you!

It’s a different story completely when you fly on a private charter plane.


  • You’re in control of who’s on the aircraft and how many will be flying with you
  • The terminals are located away from crowded, or potentially crowded areas of the airport, with small airports and remote sites as an option, where applicable.
  • Fly closer to your destination which isn’t always possible when attending and flying in and out from a commercial airport.

Lastly, customs is a lot more streamlined and time-efficient when flying privately as opposed to its commercial counterpart.



Bye-bye luggage worries

Have you had your luggage misplaced by a commercial airline one too many times?

Let’s be honest, once is more than enough to tarnish your flying experience.

What else is a plus for your baggage when flying private?

  • The only things restricting your luggage weight is the payload and capacity of the aircraft.
  • Some, if not most of your valuable possessions can be taken straight onboard the cabin with you.
  • Worry not about the thought of your luggage passing through many, many hands. With a private charter plane, it’s not handled by many people at all, and always done so with care and privacy.

Need specialised, fragile items or even dangerous goods safely and efficiently transported?

CASAIR are professionally capable of handling and transporting all of the above.


No compromise on comfort

A little comfort can go a long way on business trips. When you fly commercially, your seat number is your allocated spot for the entirety of the flight (bar bathroom breaks, of course).

You need to try to make it as comfortable as possible, which as you may know already, is easier said than done.

Comfort is an attractive added bonus to flying privately. So, you can say goodbye to leg cramps and overall restlessness.

You’ll never have to compromise on comfort again once you fly and fall in love with private plane charter.


Privacy and safety is paramount

If you’re someone in the public eye, or you require confidentiality to talk business – then flying privately is for you. Why?

It allows peace, quiet and the ability to fly incognito if you wish.

Flying privately allows you to work on board and conduct meetings, too. That is, if you’re not too comfortable.

Private charter flights are also incredibly safe, and you can even request to know when it was manufactured and how long ago it was serviced.

The power is in your hands. Contact CASAIR today.

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