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In our current competitive retail industry, customers have set the bar high and expect exceptional responsiveness and speed of service.

That is why more and more retailers are turning to air freight solutions for all their shipping and operational needs. It is the fastest way to get goods to their destination.

Like CAS AIR, air freight service providers can help you easily manage the demand for quick fulfilment and distribution processes while optimising time and cost efficiencies.

Air freight is key in supporting the global trade system, and is known to be the best transport alternative for high-value and low-volume shipments.

This article we share the top 4 benefits of air freight for retail business owners.


#1 Fast delivery of time-sensitive cargo

Minimise the unforeseen with air freight shipments. Do you need to move your goods quickly? Air freight is, without doubt, the fastest transport alternative to sea, road or rail transport. Due to its speed, air freight is especially effective for shipping goods over longer distances. Shipping your goods by air can often take just a few hours. This is a streamlined solution for your operations.


#2 A highly reliable solution

How important is it to you to have peace of mind that your shipping solutions are guaranteed to be on time, undamaged and smooth? If it is high, then air freight is a no brainer. Air freight shipments are highly reliable as airlines tend to be on top of their schedules with dependable arrival and departure times. Even a missed flight wouldn’t cause much delay as most air freight services run on daily schedules, often with hourly departures.


#3 You can ship your retail goods almost anywhere

Do you need to ship your goods to a remote destination in rural Western Australia? Or maybe you need to ship something to a hard-to-reach location in the Northern Territory. Regardless, air freight can get you there. Many airlines, have a large network of destinations covering nearly the entirety of Australia. This means, with air freight you can ship your goods almost anywhere. This offers more business opportunities for your retail business.


#4 Air freight is secure

Reduce the possibility of damage to fragile products, with air freight! Also, the chances your goods will be stolen is nearly impossible, due to the secure nature of shipment. As air freight is the choice for high-value shipments, safety is key to its execution. However, goods shipped by air undergo minimal handling, making air freight one of the safest shipping alternatives. At the airport, safety controls over cargo are tightly managed.


BONUS: Air freight shipments are easy to track:

Tracking your air freight shipments is simple and straightforward as your shipment will have a designated flight number and other shipment information about when the flight takes off and when it lands. This means you can monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival.


Our air freight specialists in Perth are here to help you with your retail business. With strong business relationships, Complete Aviation Freight can help you with all of your Australia-wide and World-wide transport requirements using a number of combinations of the options. Chat to our team today by getting in touch.




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