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Some of us don’t have the standard 9-5 in the office with a commute of 20 minutes by car, bus or train. Some of us live that fly in, fly out life (FIFO), or every now and then, take a day trip to a remote or regional location on business.

It’s people like the latter, who use Perth private charter flights, and need to organise and prepare themselves for the journey, differently than most.

Want to know 4 tips to make your next business travel trip on a Perth private charter flight easier?

Read more from the Perth private charter flight specialists at Complete Aviation Services to find out.


1. Pack a bag


While, this may sound like it’s not worth mentioning, in this instance, we’re referring to a grab and go carry bag. Organising a grab and go carry bag the day or a few days before your flight will save you time and hassle the day of and during your flight.

Here’s what you should include in yours:

  • Your passport, or at least a photocopy of it, driver’s licence or other form of ID
  • Your phone and equally as important, its charger
  • A change of clothes
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Mini toiletries and medications (including painkillers)
  • A travel pillow and/or sleep mask, if that will make the journey more comfortable for you
  • Stationery and glasses (if applicable)
  • Your favourite snacks

Talk to the Perth private charter flight company about what you can and cannot bring on board and utilise on your journey.

2. Bring along a good book or interesting podcast


So many of us have neglected reading these days and there’s no better place to do it than up, up and away in the clouds. Thankfully, you’re less likely to get motion sickness while reading on a plane than you would in a car, bus or train.

Reading a good book or listening to a good podcast is a great way to relax and enjoy the ride and stop working or thinking about work for a few minutes or hours.


3. Tag your bags and arrive on time


If you’re flying on a private charter flight, you won’t be dealing with hundreds of people on the same flight as you. However, it’s always a good habit to get into tagging your bags or personalising them for whatever business travel you go on.

Chartering a private plane in Perth will diminish those queues and wait times, but you should always arrive on schedule or earlier than expected to ensure a smoother process overall.

4. Choose the right company to travel with


Complete Aviation Services have provided passenger charter flights and time sensitive Perth air freight solutions for almost 30 years.

Time and time again, companies and individuals trust Complete Aviation Services in the safe, cost and time effective delivery of personnel, freight and equipment to locations throughout Western Australia.


Need a private charter flight in Perth?

Contact Complete Aviation Services today to organise your next business or personal private plane charter.



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