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We are proud to officially announce that CASAIR is now a BARS Registered Aircraft Operator.


In this article, we explore what a BARS Registered Aircraft Operator is, and what this means for you.


What is a BARS Aircraft Operator?

Becoming a BARS Registered Aircraft Operator is the best way to ensure your organisation’s safety and visibility. As an FSF member, having an independent evaluation of your organisation and its management of safety and participation in a world-class safety program. As a BARS Aircraft Operator, you’ll receive many benefits including listing on the BARs register which makes it easier for organisations looking at operators like yourself.

The process to become a BARS Registered Aircraft Operator is essentially a self-managed process by the Operator with assistance from the selected audit company and the BARS Program Office.


What issues does the BARS Program address?

Prior to the BAR Standard, each company had its own aviation safety standard. This subjected aircraft operators to a diverse and ambiguous set of requirements within an already diverse global regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the variety of standards and audits meant that aircraft operators underwent multiple annual audits.


What is reviewed in a BARS audit?

In order for us to gain a BARS Aircraft Operator status, we had to undergo a BARS audit. In doing so, auditors rigorously reviewed our organisation, flight operations, ground handling and maintenance areas. There is a focus on reviewing the documentation of procedures and implementation evidence to confirm processes are in place.

A BARS audit will look at what is called ‘design effectiveness’, with accredited auditors looking at all the operations and technical management systems of a particular aviation operator.


What does it mean for you?

A BARS audit is a comprehensive aviation audit that has been designed to ensure the safety of aircraft and aviation operations, using a globally recognised safety standard. Therefore, as a customer of CASAIR, you can rest assured that when you choose us, you are choosing the best and safest in aviation standards.


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