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There’s plenty of myths out there when it comes to flying a private plane. These often centre around their price point, exclusivity and safety concerns.

We’re here to address the rumours and present the facts once and for all.

Want to know what flying on a private plane is really like?

Read more from the Perth private plane charter company, CASAIR, as we bust the myths about private planes.


Myth #1: they’re hardly as safe as major airlines

Somewhere along the way the general public believed that flying on a private plane is somehow less safe than more tradition forms of air travel – like commercial airlines.

This simply isn’t true as chartered private planes are still required by law to be licensed, follow rigid rules and protocols and passenger safety (and comfortability) always is and always will be, the top priority.

In fact, you’ll find smaller operators and private airlines like yours truly at CASAIR, go above and beyond to ensure a smooth-sailing, safe journey for passengers.

Bonus! By chartering a private plane, you get to skip the queues at bag check-ins and avoid the hustle and bustle of public airports. You’re a priority passenger, after all.


Myth #2: liable to poor weather conditions

We kind of see where this (false) notion stemmed from. Smaller aircrafts = greater bumps and more susceptibility to poor weather conditions than their bigger aircraft counterparts.

On the contrary, smaller planes like our private plane charters can be better navigated through any bad weather encountered.

Our pilots are highly trained, skilled and experienced to do so in a way that will always keep you safe. This allows passengers fewer delays, getting you to where you need to be without any issues stemming from bad weather.


Myth #3: only for the rich and famous

Private plane charter is exclusive to the rich and famous? Maybe once upon a time, but definitely not anymore. In fact, the everyday person who wants to get to remote sites fast, or enjoy a special scenic flight above Western Australia, can do so.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how accessible Perth private plane charter is to more and more people for business and/or pleasure.


Myth #4: complicated booking processes

Some, although wanting to fly private, choose not to do so because they believe chartering a private plane is too complicated and are concerned of hidden fees.

The truth?

  • No hidden fees
  • Extra baggage costs
  • Price increases to choose or change your seat
  • High pricing for priority boarding.

You’ll find, especially when booking with CASAIR that all the costs are laid out, broken down and presented straight-forward. We’re big on transparency, integrity and honesty and want you to know the costs involved right from the very beginning.



There you have it – the four biggest myths of chartering and flying on a private plane, busted.

We hope acknowledgement of the facts and debunking the falsities will be that push you need to experience the true luxury and convenience of a Perth private plane trip.


Ready to take to the skies with a Perth private plane charter?

Contact CASAIR today to make it happen.


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