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CASAIR Complete Aviation is your answer to private jet charters in Perth.

The luxuriousness of our private Perth jets, all the safety reassurances and the ability to seat up to 12 passengers, Perth jet hire never looked so attractive and efficient with CASAIR.

With the ability to operate on your own schedule and choose your passengers – read more from CASAIR, the jet hire Perth specialists on Perth jet hire.


Why would you need a charter flight in Perth?

There’s so many reasons for charter flights in Perth, here’s a sample of some:

  • Moving small FIFO groups to locations safely,
  • Site visits,
  • Executive transport, and
  • Fun and personalised Perth tourism charter flights.

From business travels to remote Western Australian stations, to fun tourist sight-seeing from above for loved ones, a charter flight in Perth is efficient, spectacular and a safe mode of transport.

Air travel cuts down road travel by an estimated 80%, and without the hassle of airport terminals, baggage carousels and queues – why wouldn’t you choose CASAIR for jet hire in Perth?


A sneak-peek into the CASAIR charter flight Perth fleet:

Our fleet includes:

  • Turbo-prop and piston engine aircrafts

Turbo-props drive our propellers, and are safe, efficient and the cost-effective option for shorter regional Western Australian flights.

A piston engine aircraft operates on the same principles as the engines found in most cars.

  • Merlin IIIC luxurious executive aircraft

Is fantastic for jet hire in Perth for executive travel throughout Australia. This aircraft can fly between any capital city non-stop or fly to and from remote sites.

Seating up to 6 passengers in luxurious leather seats, this jet also includes an onboard refreshment facility and toilet to boot. Why wouldn’t you want a little luxury for your executive charter flight Perth?

  • Piper Navajo aircraft

Twin engine security and ready for all weather conditions, this nifty little Perth jet is ideal for up to 7 passengers en route to business meetings.

Why not fly your executive team to your destination, taking only 70 minutes for a 400km road trip?

  • Cessna 210 aircraft.

Don’t let its size put you off. Sometimes good things come in small packages, which is the case with our Cessna 210 aircraft jet hire. Seating up to 5 passengers, this all-weather, single engine charter is ideal for remote operations.


The CASAIR jet hire Perth promise

CASAIR is the choice for executive level business transport, with our promise to passengers.

Safety is paramount in our CASAIR operations and for our passengers, and we endeavour to promote an efficient, stress-free charter flight.

Why not experience the CASAIR promise for yourself?

For business or pleasure, regional to capital cities – you’ll soar to new heights with a dazzling charter flight with CASAIR.


Remote and regional business meetings and site visits or taking a tourist flight and enjoying the Perth views from the scores – the possibilities are endless when you take a small group of passengers on a CASAIR charter flight.

Get to your destination with a safe and reliable Perth chartered jet, where you can relax, sit back and enjoy the ride with CASAIR.


Need a private jet in Perth? Contact CASAIR today to see how our jet hire and charter flights can amaze and deliver you to your destination safely.

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