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With COVID-19 well and truly in our Western Australian community, we here at CASAIR thought we would share our COVID-19 extraction flight service available to walk on, walk off passengers who do not require immediate medical care, and also explore the general rules we abide by – offering our clients that peace of mind.


The measures taken by our aircrafts for COVID-19 positive extractions


As an aircraft operator in Perth, we follow the following recommended procedures when transporting people who are known or suspected to have COVID-19. The same protocol follows for those we suspect have been exposed to a person with COVID-19.

  • Prior to disembarking, we ensure that any aircraft chartered out is of sufficient size, and range to host COVID-19 positive cases.
  • We also ensure there is adequate ventilation in the aircraft to minimise spread of the virus.
  • Also, the aircraft used to transport infected or exposed individuals is of sufficient size to separate passengers and cabin crew into different parts of the aircraft. This is to reduce the exposure of occupants to airborne infectious particles.
  • When performing specific COVID-19 extractions, the aircraft we deploy carries customised cockpit and airflow capabilities.
  • Passengers and crew members are always supplied with appropriate PPE, and supply exists in sufficient quantities.
  • To minimise the public health risk, we ensure that passengers with COVID-19 or those deemed close contacts do not enter publicly accessible areas between transit, and when being transported.
  • We use a specialised COVID cleaning company who thoroughly clean the aircraft after transporting COVID-19 positive passengers and those deemed as suspected COVID-19 positive passengers.
  • Our crew members are regularly sanitised, and we offer sanitising stations at disposal for passengers at our Jandakot passenger terminal and in all aircraft.


Our commitment at CASAIR


At CASAIR, we continue to operate at a high- level, and execute a thorough COVID-19 management plan. This dictates our need to comply with a number of client COVID-19 requirements that include Rapid Antigen Testing as and when we are requested to do so. Furthermore, we are also holding RATs for our clients, with the supply provided for by them, should they want their passengers tested before checking in.

CASAIR is also proud to say that we have an official ‘Highly Infectious Disease Operating Plan’ for the extraction of COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 positive personnel, should mine-sites require the removal of infected personnel.


Get in touch with CASAIR, your Perth flight charter service 


Are you ready to ride the wave of West Australians who are flying again? Then get in touch with our team. We look forward to hosting your group, and providing you with the utmost premium service that you rightfully deserve. Go the best way, with CASAIR.

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