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The anticipation and excitement of a first-time private charter flight is second to none.

It may be a business trip or a scenic flyover Perth just for the fun of it.

There’s a certain luxury of flying, not economy on a commercial plane, but in your very own charter plane in Perth. Yet the rules and etiquette are pretty straightforward.

Want to know what you need to remember for your first charter flight in Perth?

Read more from the charter plane Perth specialists at Complete Aviation Services to find out.

Arrive early

It’s always good to arrive early to your flight. You would do this for a commercial flight, with international flights requesting at least arriving 2 hours before your flight departs.

This gives you enough time to soak it all in and prepare for the short, comfy but lavish journey in the skies you have ahead of you. Oh, and find what you’re flying on, who you’re flying with and where you need to go for your flight.

Did you know although it’s a good idea to arrive early to your charter plane Perth flight, it doesn’t have to be hours early?

Why? Well, with charter flights in Perth:

  • There’s no queues,
  • No flight delays or layovers, or
  • Any other inconveniences common to standard passenger jets.

So, arrive early to get yourself ready and relaxed for the journey ahead of you.

Don’t forget your I.D

As simple as it may be, first-time flyers (even seasoned ones) may overlook things like identification.

You don’t necessarily need a passport, but you definitely can bring it if you would like.

A driver’s license will suffice, nicely.

While you’re at it – if this is for a business trip, do you have all your necessary work documents, laptop and/or other work critical equipment?

Complete Aviation Services, as well as transporting people, provide air freight Perth services, too.

Pack accordingly

A minor drawback of private charter planes in Perth is the limited storage. So, as a first-time charter flight Perth guest, it’s wise to pack only what you need.

Ask your boss, or your charter plane Perth company the recommended amount of luggage.

You may be afforded more room if it’s just you and the pilot onboard.

Stay sober – say what?

First-time flyers often get first-time jitters, or perhaps overindulge in the beverages during their flight because it’s not every day that people get to experience everything a charter plane Perth has to offer.

While alcohol can calm the nerves, high altitudes can make you feel drunker faster than usual.

So, if you must, have only one or two to enjoy. After all, wouldn’t you want to remember the ride? Take it all in and feel refreshed and motivated once you’re back on solid ground.

Complete Aviation Services: charter flights and air freight Perth

Complete Aviation Services are who you can trust for transporting people and freight to their required destination. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have seen first-time flyers turn into seasoned and valued clients.

Complete Aviation Services are here to answer all your flying and freight questions and help you enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Need a private charter plane or air freight Perth?

Contact Complete Aviation Services today to organise your cost-effective way to transport freight and personnel.


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