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To many of us, our pets are part of the family.


Travelling with a pet is not uncommon and every year millions of pets around the world take to the sky to follow their humans on their travels. However, if you’re planning on taking your furry friend with you on a plane there are a few things you should consider before stamping their boarding pass and checking them in. Here’s a brief guide to flying with your pets.


Health checks


Before any airline will let your pet on a plane, they need to know a few things about them. Pets are not allowed to travel if they are under eight weeks old and will require a series of documentation from a vet. It’s a good idea to take your pet to your local vet within two weeks of your flight and get any vaccinations, worm treatments and health checks done. Also, let your vet know you are flying with your pet, and they’ll be able to provide great advice.


Choose a reputable airline


Just as we check reviews for customer service, you want to read up on how airlines treat animals. Read up on reviews and experiences of people who have taken their pet on certain airlines and make sure you’re going with one who has a track record suitable for caring for your fur baby.


Check the airline requirements


Some airlines differ from one-another when it comes to the requirements they have in place to take your pet. Most airlines restrict cabin access to all pets apart from guide dogs or other specialised animal companions. Also, some types of dogs are not permitted to fly. Breeds such as American Pitbulls or Staffordshire Terriers are banned as well as the Japanese Tosa and Brazilian Fila. Also, if your dog is highly agitated before a flight, the airline may refuse boarding


Get them a comfortable carrier

Your pet will be locked away in the luggage while you’re eating lunch and drinking refreshing beverages. Make sure you get them a comfortable carrier which is nice and soft. Check with the airline about its dimensions though as there are usually restrictions on sizes. Pro tip: Put your pets favourite toy or blanket in there with them to give them some comfort.


Watch their food


We all like to spoil our pets but it’s probably best to refrain from giving your pet any extra treats in the lead up to the flight. The last thing you want is for their stomachs to become agitated or upset during the flight.


Tire them out


Try and take your dog on an extra long walk, throw the stick or the ball a bit more and make sure they are knackered before the flight. If you’ve a cat, get the string or laser pointer out and get them chasing you around. A sleeping pet is a happy pet and hopefully they’ll be resting during the flight.


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