Freight trends in 2022 – what to keep an eye on

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The air cargo industry has also been an unfortunate victim of crisis during the times of Covid-19.


This is unfortunately the narrative for many businesses around the world. As time is moving by, things are eventually getting better but the chance of Covid-19’s relapse still persists. It’s always better to be ready to face such unpredictable events than to be caught off-guard. Our team have learnt from the experience and are staying prepared for the coming future. That theme continues into the world of freight. We believe it is a smart choice to stay updated with the latest trends.


Ready to keep up with the freight trends in 2022? Here’s what you need to keep an eye on.


Covid-19 Variants have still not gone.

The rates for air freight are expected to stay higher due to the unfortunate emergence of the variants of Covid-19. Storing products in bulk for a longer period of time results in a constraint on capacity which in turn leads to higher rates in the industry.


Visible boost in eCommerce


The sudden boost in eCommerce is not hidden from anyone. Since the past few years and the sudden strikes of Covid-19, consumers have become more comfortable ordering things from eCommerce stores. This will result in demand for charters by ecommerce businesses for delivering and import purposes. Therefore through 2022, the demand for charter flights in Perth will keep on getting influenced.


Technology and digitalisation


Logistic organisations in the air cargo industry are fast evolving and adapting agile cloud-based solutions for their daily contacts and connections. These systems offer a centralised web gateway to connect service providers, clients, and third-party contractors from various countries. This makes it possible to archive discussions on the cloud for convenient access whenever and wherever. Because the Covid-19 epidemic and subsequent global lockdowns had a negative impact on business, more organisations are switching towards digital collaboration options instead of the old conventional communication channels.


A rising concern for the environment and green supply chains


As environmental awareness is growing and is expected to keep rising, businesses and consumers are looking forward to fulfilling their responsibility in reducing the carbon footprint. More logistics organisations are adopting sustainable technology and environmentally friendly solutions to strike a balance between economic expansion and environmental protection. Therefore higher priority is being given to businesses following eco-friendly practices.

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