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Air charter is a time-efficient option for business travel and freight logistics.

Many businesses – be they small, medium or large, are taking to the skies to transport their personnel and freight as air charter is proving to be so efficient, in more ways than one.

Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) provide exceptional and reliable air charter and air freight services in Perth and throughout Australia.

Want to get to know our charter fleet of turboprop and piston engine aircraft? Read more to get introduced to our pride and joy.


Fairchild Metroliner II


High speed with a pressurised cabin, the CASAIR Fairchild Metroliner II is our largest aircraft that can operate on short unsealed airstrips.

Get your personnel or freight safely and efficiently to nearly every section of Australia.

What are the other benefits?

  • Spacious cabins seating up to 12 passengers,
  • Ideal for small FIFO groups and moving heavy, large items,
  • A large cargo door which allows easy loading of oversized freight items, and
  • Take off locations in Jandakot, Broome and/or Darwin.

Chartering our Fairchild Metroliner II for your personnel and freight logistics needs is a sound business decision to maximise efficiency.


Merlin IIIC


Need impressive executive travel throughout Australia? Look no further than the CASAIR well-appointed Merlin IIIC aircraft.


Why you’ll love the Merlin IIIC:

  • The ability to fly non-stop between any Australian capital cities (with a long-range capability of 3,5000km),
  • The capacity to travel to remote sites and back,
  • Comfortable, leather seating to accommodate up to six guests, and
  • A dedicated onboard refreshment station, table workstations and bathroom facilities.

Where speed, service and comfort is important to you, the Merlin IIIC will tick all of those boxes and more.


Piper Navajo


With twin-engine security and all-weather operations suitable, Piper Navajo is the air charter in Perth that’s well suited for business meetings.

We’ve run the numbers and discovered that a 400km road trip can be slashed to just 70 minutes in our Piper Navajo aircraft.

The Piper Navajo is the most economical air charter option with a payload of 600kg, speed of more than 300km/h and a long-range capability of 1,200km.

This means your key personnel don’t have to endure delays and everyone can get on with their jobs faster.


Get to know CASAIR


At CASAIR, we understand the importance of time and cost-efficiency of the business.

The attraction of choosing air charter in Perth and throughout Australia comes down to:

  • The ability to operate your own schedule, and
  • Choose your desired destination.

Our clients choose CASAIR for their state and national business travel and freight logistics because of safety, efficiency, security and productivity.

  • Safety because there’s no road fatigue or road crash possibilities,
  • Efficiency because time management can be increased by up to 80%,
  • Security because you can choose your passengers, your conversations are confidential and your freight travels with you, and
  • Productivity because there’s no queues, delays, layovers etc and you can choose to work onboard if you so desire.

Want to find experience how CASAIR will benefit your business? Book air charter with us today

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