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Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) has been the go-to air freight service in Perth for routine, once-off and time-critical freight deliveries for over 25 years and counting.

There are many reasons why business trust in our service, and we exist to make your job easier and your business travels, comfortable.

Want to know how CASAIR delivers quality air freight services to businesses?

Find out how the Perth air freight experts deliver on management, customisation and enhance business viability by reading on.


Comprehensive management

Long before, during and likely after the pandemic – air freight services have proven a successful, strategic method to carry complex and urgent deliveries from point A to point B.

This includes, but isn’t limited to, meeting the time-critical demands for COVID-related equipment and other supplies.

CASAIR complete cargo flights on the regular to service business needs across Western Australia, including in remote locations.

We’re here to make the journey smooth, for you and your freight.

CASAIR ensure the following:

  • Comprehensive management of scheduling
  • Special handling requirements
  • Regulatory approvals, signoffs and paperwork
  • Ground transportation logistics.

Our clients often choose us due to our meticulous attention to detail across the logistics planning and of course, implementation.

Customisation to meet different business needs

No two businesses are the same. Even in the same business, you probably don’t require the same aircraft for every private charter that’s booked.

At CASAIR, we have an aircraft fleet that caters from one or two, to up to 12 passengers comfortably.

Discover our fleet:

  • Our Merlin IIIC has long range capability (up to 3,500km) and can safely land on unsealed airways and an impressive speed of over 500km/h.
  • The Metro II has the same landing, long range and high speed of the Merlin IIIC, with the added capacity to move heavy, large items as well as all classes of dangerous goods freight.
  • The Piper Navajo is the economical choice many businesses new to air freight services in Perth take, capable too of carrying all classes of dangerous goods freight.

We are more than prepared to tailor the flight to your business needs upon request and with due notice. CASAIR are highly dedicated to working with clients to make the preparations and journey as smooth as possible.



Choosing to incorporate air freight services within your business logistics partnership doesn’t have to be nearly as expensive as you would think.

In fact, air freight services have proven without a doubt, in these pandemic times, to be the only viable solution for cargo transportation.

CASAIR take the handling and transportation of its clients and cargo very seriously.

We’re ready to soar above way your expectations, promoting business continuity and viability in the process.


Discover quality air freight services with CASAIR

At CASAIR, we’re wholeheartedly committed to being chosen, trusted logistics partners with our valued clients. Our high-quality range of air freight, road freight and dangerous goods transport services have taken our clients to new heights.

What can we deliver for you?

Looking for a reliable air freight service for your business?

Contact CASAIR today for time and cost-effective air freight services you can continuously count upon.

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