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Flying a privately chartered jet has always been an attractive ideal for many individuals and businesses. However, in the current climate – it’s more appealing than ever, and somewhat of a necessity for crucial business trips within the home state of Western Australia and nationwide.

Want to know how flying private can ‘better your business’ in more ways than one?

Today we’ll be examining exactly that with those who can make it happen.

Find out with the Perth charter flight specialists at Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) down below.


Time is money

Have you ever heard the term ‘buying time’ thrown around in business speak?

Reducing downtime is crucial for businesses in a corporate world where time is money.

How does flying private buy you time?

  • You and your associates (or stakeholders and VIPs) can effortlessly and conveniently avoid the annoying delays that come as standard to flying commercial, passenger jets.
  • Arrive when you want to – not countless of hours before for check in and baggage drop offs. After all, your private charter plane waits for you.

Once up, away and in the air, you have the flexible choice to buckle down and do some work, prepare for meetings and address emails, or really sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.


Let the stats speak for themselves


According to an Australian National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) survey, corporate air charter impacted productivity, positively.

Let’s see what it revealed:

  • 4% of executives agreed that chartering a corporate charter flight enabled them to stick to their schedules better than standard airlines would allow.
  • A 20% boost in productivity was recorded when employees and directors were in a privately chartered plane, with respondents reporting a 40% slump in productivity when flying a standard passenger jet.

What does this show? It suggests that less distraction and a more spacious, comfortable, private and equipped setting enhances productivity for work conducted on board.


Minimise contact and costs


In a worldwide health crisis that we’re experiencing today, business travellers seek travel means that limit their exposure to crowds and thus, potential exposure to COVID-19.

Flying privately, for state and nationwide travel, for work that cannot be done at home, is the most proactive step to keep personnel healthy and safe.

Many businesses and individuals alike think flying private is out of reach due to the costs involved.

However, this is simply not true – but why?

  • Save money elsewhere such as on downtime with schedule flexibility.
  • FIFO on the same day will save expenses on hotel rooms and travel allowances.
  • Safe and time-efficient transportation of personnel, tools, equipment, materials and products via the skies and not the roads is too, a welcomed benefit.

Flying private will pay for itself easily over time, and in other ways.


The team at CASAIR are ready to help you better your business with our fleet of well-appointed private planes.

Need private air charter in Perth? Look no further than Complete Aviation Services.

Contact us today to and discover how we will better your business with all-round efficiency and style.

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