Private Jet Rental Vs Commercial Airlines: Best For Business Travellers

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Renting a private jet can seem like a luxury that is simply out of your line of sight.

However, over the years, many business executives have realised that renting a private jet is not only viable, within budget and 100% feasible, but they have also understood the plethora of benefits that come with it.

With the time that is constantly lost through customs and airport clearances, business executives are beginning to feel the impact of losing those valuable couple of hours. That time could be used to oversee important meetings, attend to essential work, and address anything time-sensitive. Alleviating this concern is now possible, by booking a private jet.

Not to mention, several commercial flights are seeing flight delays, and are changing their scheduled flights altogether – focusing on popular destinations rather than remote places. Other commercial airline concerns include mechanical failure, lost luggage, and other issues that can prove costly for the business.


Private jet rental VS commercial airlines: the overview


  • Pricing: A common misconception in Perth, Australia and the whole world, is that private jets are reserved for the world’s millionaires exclusively. This is completely a myth that we are happy to debunk. In fact, you can book a private jet for nearly the same cost as you would purchase a first-class ticket via a major airline. However, there is still a difference, as a commercial airline has more passengers aboard and hence, they can spread out the cost to turn a profit.
  • Comfort: Maybe you’re looking to book a crucial business trip with a few of the decision-makers within the company. Or maybe, you are trying to impress that special someone in your life. Whatever the case might be, booking a private jet will always ensure you are treated like royalty.


On the other hand, the overall commercial airline experience isn’t for everyone. It requires getting to an airport early enough to make it through customs before you can even board your flight. Then, once you get on the flight, you’re surrounded by people and noise. Remember the last time you were kept wide awake due to a crying baby?

  • Speed: As impressive as the flight experience can be, your main objective is to get to your destination as quickly as possible. The entire process is much quicker when you book a private jet. You simply hop on the jet with your luggage and off you go!
  • Privacy: One of the biggest advantages of private charter flights vs the commercial route is the amount of privacy that you’re afforded. On a commercial flight, you have very little privacy. Everyone can see what you’re doing. With private air travel, this isn’t the case.
  • In-flight amenities: When you’re flying private jets, you can request anything that you’d like. This is a customised experience, tailored to suit you.


Is a private jet safer than a commercial jet?


Flying by private jet is just as safe as by commercial. When it comes to the risks involved the two are on the same level. Combined with today’s technology, flying is extremely safe and convenient.


Our concluding comments…


If you’re looking to add luxury, comfort or exclusivity to your business travel or once-in-a-lifetime occasion, then a private jet is the ultimate choice for you. The number of bonuses that you have, and time savings are unparalleled.

Moreover, the flexibility of jet travel is a priceless asset. With separate landing and take-off zones, no airport customs and no long waits – a private jet gives you and your party the freedom to just get on with your travel!

For professionals who often travel by private charters, jet travel pays off with time. With fewer hours in the airport, and more time to work on the business, this solution will increase productivity.


Are you ready? Then book a private jet with CAS Air today


Now that you have assessed the perspective of each option, why not get in touch with our team today? We are happy to address your questions. We also run a regular article series, where we address your concerns and queries about our services. Otherwise, be sure to enquire about our passenger charter services in Perth when you email us!

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