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CASAIR has been providing premium charter flights and freight solutions for the Perth community.

Over the years, with devotion and hard work, CASAIR has managed to assist passengers and deliver on stringent cargo needs that are time-sensitive and urgent.


BARS Registered Aircraft Operator


Our aviation services division works by complying with the Basic Aviation Risk Standards (BARS) under the flight safety foundation in Western Australia.

BARS is a program that provides all the companies delivering charter flight services with standard safety practices to comply with and exert risk-based management.

CASAIR puts its passengers’ safety above everything and assures that you and your cargo flights reach you safely to its destination.


Safety and security measures post-Covid-19 


After the Covid-19 outbreak, aviation companies have been influenced immensely. Due to the lockdown implemented, the aviation industry faced a huge downturn in passenger flight flow, and losing clients altogether. However, after the resumption of flights, several policies have been improvised by CASAIR. Other than following all the Covid-19 SOPs, staff competence standards have been changed and become more rigorous. The change in the medium of deliveries from traditional to virtual was picked right away by providing appropriate training to the staff to ensure safe operations.

For passengers’ safety against Covid-19, the security screening has been included along with a mandatory Covid-19 negative test and the need to wear masks.

The emergence of a Safety Management System (SMS) was enabled in CASAIR due to the contractions faced in growth. In times of crisis, safety risk management is required more than ever and our exceptional management teams are at it, facing all the challenges so that our clients’ convenience will not be disrupted.

CASAIR conducts audits of all clients at intervals to ensure the services our clients get are as per their requirements and standards. Moreover, our management teams audit all the certifications and other aviation details to regularly update the system. Such practices ensure the organisation’s benchmark for safety and security as well as the quality of the services.

All our aircraft flights and services work by a practical approach and continuously aim to improve prevailing performance and safety measures. CASAIR works closely with other aviation companies in collaboration and ensures to contribute to the aviation industry.


Take to the skies with CASAIR. We invite you to explore our charter services in Perth and to get in touch right away. 

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