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For years upon years, humans have found, discovered and utilised ways to transport freight from place to place. From donkeys and mules, to ships and trains, to road freight and now the sky – the way we transport freight is evolving. 

Air freight in Perth is an increasingly accessible and attractive option that many small to medium and larger businesses are choosing. 

So, what are the air freight advantages you need to know about? 

Read more from the air freight and charter plane Perth specialists at Complete Aviation Services to find out. 


It’s the fastest shipping method 

Supply chain mix up? Incredibly short-notice and time-critical deadlines to meet? It’s unforeseen circumstances like these that make air freight Perth, a viable option for many businesses and individuals. 

Air freight is incredibly faster than sea freight shipping or road train deliveries. 

You can also charter your own private charter flights in Perth to get it done! 


Exceptionally reliable arrival and departure times 

Smaller aircrafts, as opposed to jumbo jet passenger aircrafts and non-sky freight methods are often very on top of their schedules.  

What does this mean? 

  • Flexibility on arrival and departure, 
  • Little to no delays on the ground, and definitely not in the air,  
  • Which means freight and/or personnel delivered safely and on-time. 

Complete Aviation Services have an impressive fleet at our disposal, making us truly the specialists in charter flights Perth. 


Up, up and away to almost anywhere in Australia 

With an air freight Perth service, you can send your precious freight and personnel to almost any location within Australia. Complete Aviation Services are not limited to only commercial airports.  

Enquire with the Perth charter plane specialists to discover if your desired destination is possible. 


Air freight Perth is highly secure 

Shipping freight via road trains and sea containers equates to longer transport time and transits. 

Longer time in transit involves more time for precious cargo to be exposed to damage or theft. 

We’re not saying it will happen, but the time between pick-up and destination is longer than the air freight option. 

Choosing air freight for your supply chain needs is beneficial, too, because of tightly managed airport controls and expert packing and storage practices on board. 

Plus, who will burglarise a privately chartered flight at 40,000 feet?  


Save time and money on packaging 

In many cases, air freight in Perth requires less heavy packing compared to their sea freight shipping counterparts. This means you and/or your business save valuable time and money on packaging your freight. 


Keep up to date every step of the way 

The beauty of air freight Perth services from Complete Aviation Services is how easily everyone is kept informed. 

Communication is a large part of our company profile and is necessary to keep our clients and staff safe, and the business operations of our clients informed and optimised. 

With Complete Aviation Services, air freight and personnel are kept safe, informed and efficiently delivered to their destination. 


Contact Complete Aviation Services today for fast, efficient and reliable private charter planes in Perth and air freight solutions. 

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