Understanding the beneficial place of road logistics in Australia

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There are so many ways to transport freight from point A to point B. From cross country railway trains to road trains, to via the skies or shipping channels – individuals and businesses have utilised them all.

While high-quality, cost-effective air freight services are what CASAIR are known for, we provide dedicated and efficient road freight services, too.

Want to know more about road logistics and their beneficial place in Australia?

Read more from the Perth freight company, CASAIR, to find out.


Available resources


When you outsource your freight needs to a dedicated freight and logistics company, you get the benefit of all the available resources.

There’s no need to purchase your own trucks and forklifts, pallets and packaging when a comprehensive air and road freight company can do it all for you.

You need only contact CASAIR with your requirements, and we’ll handle the rest for you.


Cost efficiency


Business operations are all about maximising cost efficiency. By relying on a Perth air and road freight company, you can say goodbye to expensive company truck expenses and warehouse storage containers. Also, getting a loan to pay for your own logistics fleet only adds interest and the very real chance that your trucks costing way more than market value.

Consider these too:

  • The costs of hiring your own drivers
  • Paying for vehicle registrations
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance and repairs

Put your business first – the above will only drain away capital investment, compromising cashflow which could be used on other business areas.


Flexibility at your fingertips


When you partner with a complete Perth air freight and road freight company like CASAIR, you’ll receive flexibility at your fingertips.

What does this look like?

  • Charter flights that can be dedicated solely for your consignment from our high-quality fleet
  • Pick-up and delivery of your items, even repacking services upon request
  • First available flights, express and standby services
  • Door to door deliveries
  • Express and general road freight logistics
  • International air and sea freight arrangements, inclusive of customs clearance and deliveries.

All of CASAIR’s freight services, including road freight logistics provide business owners peace of mind, time and time again.


Saves time

If time is money, then saving time is just as important for businesses as cost efficiency.

Contrary to popular belief, efficient road transport can save your business time.


  • It comes down to avoiding the worry and hassle of driving your own crucial goods and freight to their desired destination.
  • The time you save here can be put to good use elsewhere.

Enjoy the time to grow your business, by relying on the Perth road freight division and experts at CASAIR.

CASAIR have long established itself as a leader in Perth air freight services. However, it’s our complete range of other freight services that truly set us aside from the rest.

Many businesses trust in us to deliver their freight from location to location.

Ready to see what we’re all about?


Need a comprehensive logistics partner in Perth?

Contact CASAIR today to discuss how our air freight, road freight and international freight offerings will benefit your business.


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