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If there’s one thing to know about logistics, it’s that the industry is always changing and adapting for the better. How we as humans transported freight throughout the years has changed extensively – even so within the last 100 years.

The purpose of a logistics company, whether it’s traditional shipping, train and road freight or air freight options is to transport goods to where clients need them, on time, in tip-top condition and without fuss.

Who really knows how freight will be transported to their destinations in 100 years? However, we can examine the emerging technologies which will benefit the logistics industry and clients in the near future.

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Supply chain visibility in real-time

Data has been a slow process in the logistics industry for many years. However, slow data is now a thing of the past.

Technology has advanced (and likely, will continue to), where logistics companies are partnering with IoT start-ups. For example, the Australian and global food sector markets are beginning to see a demand of customers utilising real-time tracking.


Advancement in data analytics

With greater levels of data comes the need for a greater capacity to understand customer requirements and forecasting.

These data analytic advancements help with:

  • Gaining better supply chain visibility
  • Forecasting demand
  • Ensuring predictive maintenance
  • Increasing proactive, productive line-hauls and planning
  • Detection of unexpected conditions
  • Last-mile delivery improvements.

The logistics industry, including local air freight in Perth services will only continue to improve with the advancement in data analytics.


IT standards and cloud-based systems

With the introduction of new, game-changing technologies comes adaptations of industry information technology (IT) standards.

What does this mean?

  • When data is digitised and standardised across the board, all companies will benefit.
  • The adoption of consistent IT standards allows for consistent supply chains, transparency and increased collaborative efforts.

Cloud-based management systems are no new technology. Yet, these systems are ever increasingly providing wider capabilities which maximise efficiency. Cloud-based systems for businesses are crucial for time-sensitive logistical operations with on-demand access.


Automation across many channels

A potential for a reduced human workforce is somewhat observed even today in the logistics industry. This has resulted in improved efficiencies across warehousing and delivery outcomes.

This is currently involving and may lead to an increase of:

  • Machines and robotics
  • Autonomous vehicles.

Don’t worry – automation and robotic technology doesn’t have to mean human involvement is doomed to cease within the logistics industry.

If you’re looking for a people-centric logistics and Perth air freight company, rely on CASAIR.


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