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Shipping goods overseas can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be.

By choosing a professional logistics service provider, you can rest assured that your requests are met, and expectations exceeded.

Is there anything you should know before shipping your goods overseas?

There definitely is.

Read more from the Perth air freight company, Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR), to find out.


Is it more complicated?

Naturally, there are different things involved when it comes to shipping your goods and freight within your country as opposed to outside your country.

Overseas shipping can be more complicated than domestic shipping methods.

Did you know that not every item can be shipped internationally?

Shipping rules differ, country by country. The factors surrounding this have to do with proximity, security and state regulations.

Make sure you’re aware of the restricted goods lists and relevant regulations of the intended destination country before you start packing the goods.

So, what should you consider before embarking on the overseas shipping process?

Take the below as your starter checklist.


Know the custom rules

Now it’s time for the paperwork that’s involved with customs control. You will need to fill out two types of paperwork. One related to the country you reside in and the other is related to the country you’re sending your goods to.

Remember, too, there are taxes involved with transporting goods outside of your own country. These costs make up related services like warehousing, shipment fees and other additional charges. Don’t worry, you never have to go through this process alone when you choose a reputable logistics partner.


The cost of international shipping

Of course, international shipping is more expensive than domestic shipment of items.

So, it’s wise to do some research to know what to expect and find the right logistics service provider to suit your needs and budget.

Don’t be afraid to ask for quotes and a rough guide of the procedures for shipment.


Packing for send off

Packing your items is also a factor that needs to be evaluated when it comes to overseas shipping. Be aware of the different packaging that is needed for your items, as opposed to standard ways of packing.

Follow the necessary rules of packing your goods and ensure sufficient labelling with accurate information.


Seek assistance

The process of organising, packaging and shipping goods overseas can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be when you rely on a reputable and reliable logistics service provider.

You don’t have to navigate the process of shipping overseas alone.

If you’re in Perth looking for such a logistics provider, you can count on the team at CASAIR.


Trust in CASAIR for quality service, clear communication and cost-effective service provisions.

We have what it takes to send your goods safely overseas and the capacity to handle all the paperwork as well. Of course, we have the fleet you need to send your goods overseas.


Looking for a Perth air freight company who will always be there for you?

Contact CASAIR today for prompt, professional and reliable freight services.

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