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If you have cargo to move, then you already know you don’t have much time to waste. Owning, operating or managing a business means it’s up to you to make sure your freight reaches its destination and in good time.

There’s probably plenty of shipping methods and companies you’ve considered (or even tried) for your urgent needs – but have you ever considered an air freight Perth service?

This method could have your urgent freight at its destination in a matter of hours, not days.

Read more from Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) on who to call when you need urgent freight services in Perth, Western Australia and throughout Australia.


Weighing up your Perth freight options

Many individuals and businesses alike opt to ship their items with a trucking company. After all, it’s a common, traditional method that’s well known. Yet is it always the right shipping choice?

The benefits of using trucks for freight services:

  • Often plenty of storage, and
  • Good for shorter journeys.

The potential cons of using trucks for freight services:

  • Long distance via roads takes a long time,
  • Increased chance of driver fatigue and layovers,
  • Security risks due to potential for prolonged transits and it’s
  • Definitely not a realistic method for urgent freight needs and deliveries.

The benefits of air freight WA services:

  • Decreases time, making an air freight Perth charter perfect for urgent freight needs,
  • High levels of security due to time-efficiency,
  • Shorter trips means no fatigue or layovers, and
  • No roadblocks and the ability to land at many different airports across Australia.

The potential cons of air freight WA services:

  • Not always the same storage capacity as shipping via trucks, and
  • That’s about it!

Once you’ve weighed up the options of traditional road shipping and innovative air freight Perth services, the only question now is…who can you call for your urgent freight services in Perth?


Trust Complete Aviation Services for air freight Perth

Since 1992, Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) has been the reliable solution for urgent freight services in Perth, Western Australia and throughout Australia.


  • Because we work tirelessly to meet and soar above the expectations of our clients,
  • We know the importance of time-critical deliveries and urgent air freight in Perth,
  • Safety of goods and personnel is of high priority to us, and
  • Our experience has enabled us to continue to come up with new methods, improvements and capabilities (we can safely and efficiently carry cargo up to 1.2 tonnes!).

See for yourselves how quickly and easily Complete Aviation Services can organise and deliver your urgent freight and cargo to its required destination.

There’s really no need to stress when you make the first call to Complete Aviation Services.

Around the clock with the best aircraft charter available, you’ll have complete confidence and peace of mind when you choose Complete Aviation Services for your urgent air freight Perth needs.


Need an urgent air freight Perth service?

Contact Complete Aviation Services today for a company and air freight WA service you can always count on.


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