Why CASAIR is the Leader for Air Freight Services in Australia

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Air freight within Perth and throughout Australia is the answer to smooth operations, thought-out logistics and most importantly, getting freight from A to B.

Sometimes, freight needs to be delivered urgently and at the shortest of notice.

What are you going to do? It’s time to look to the skies for a quick and easy solution.

Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) are the Air freight Perth specialists who can transport urgent freight, at a fraction of the travel time of ground logistics, efficiently and safely.

Read on for why you should choose CASAIR for air freight in Perth and Australia.


Urgent and regular air freight throughout Australia

Whether it’s a regular air freight service or an urgent delivery, CASAIR are here for your needs on the ground and in the sky. We take the stress out of logistics, so you can focus on the job at hand.

CASAIR is the leader in air freight in Perth because we:

  • Accommodate equipment in any of our fleet,
  • Utilise a customised forklift to ensure safe loading and delivery of precious cargo,
  • Have the option to send people along with equipment parts and freight,
  • Are available for urgent and regular freight 24/7, every day of the year,
  • Connect air freight (and people) to Australia wide destinations,
  • Are the time-efficient choice for time-critical deliveries, and
  • Focus on communication every step of the way with a simplified booking system.


Easy booking for air freight in Perth

Australia is a vast and beautiful continent; the key word here is ‘vast.’

Road trains, trains and ships just won’t cut it for urgent freight logistics throughout Australia, or even around Western Australia.

Moving urgent freight via ground transport is:

  • Time-consuming – causing unnecessary downtime between facility plants and workforces, and
  • Prone to roadblocks and especially right now, state border closures.

With CASAIR, booking is easy and stress-free with our all-inclusive services, including:

  • First available flight option,
  • Overnight airfreight services,
  • Off peak airfreight,
  • Airport to airport,
  • Door to door, and
  • Full and monitored communication every step of the way.

Skip the stalling, decrease the downtime and enhance efficiency in the workforce with easy booking and the multitude of benefits of air freight in Australia.


Small team, dedicated service

The team at CASAIR have over 25 years in the air charter service industry and take great pride in providing time-efficient, cost-efficient and stress-free air charter and air freight services in Perth.

Trust in CASAIR for Australian air freight services, as we are compliant and licensed, our fleet is regularly and expertly maintained and inspected.

In a matter of hours, rather than a matter of days, your required freight could be safely in its destination – saving you time, money and stress.

Small but mighty, dedicated and communication-focused, CASAIR is the leader in air freight services in Australia.


Need fast and reliable air freight in Australia?

Contact CASAIR, the air freight Perth specialists today to book your next air freight services.



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