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Flying nationally and internationally just isn’t the same anymore. With a worldwide health crisis, travel restrictions and border closures, it’s safe to say personal and business travel have decreased dramatically.

Where flying business class was always the exciting and elegant way to travel, there now exists another alternative. One which has existed for decades…chartering a private plane.

Want to know why flying private is the new flying business class?

Read more from the Perth charter flight specialists at Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) to find out.


Elevate your status and business relationships


Did you know that some of the best conversations occur at about 30,000 feet, up in the clouds?

So, why not invite clients, stakeholders and potential clients to come to fly with you. It will impress them and might be the start of something great.

These could be some of the reasons to charter a private plane in Perth:

  • Scoping out a new commercial site
  • Flying to a strategic sales meeting
  • Treating your team, family or friends to a private flight just to let them know that you care.

Flying in economy and even business class, there’s always the risk for prying ears to hear confidential business and personal information. Chartering a private plane in Perth puts an end to this.

When was the last time you elevated your status, business and personal relationships?


Time is on your side


Most of us agree that they’re just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything.

This means any time that you get to skip the queue and fly directly to your destination without layovers is very much appreciated. After all, time is money when it comes to owning and operating a business.

While flying private is a way to fly in style, flying privately ticks that box and so many more.


Arrive ready and refreshed


No getting to the airport early, no queues, no delays – wouldn’t that be nice on your next flight?

Well it can definitely be like this when you fly private on a Perth charter flight.

You don’t have to wait around for someone who got a little too merry at the airport bar or is lost somewhere in the terminal. This is just one of the unfortunate realities that can occur when flying a standard commercial jet.

Flying privately ensures you’re 100% in control of your flight itinerary.

What are the other benefits?

  • Get on board when you’re ready
  • No need to be at the leaving point hours early
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of no or limited other passengers (often of your choosing) to get work done or get some shut eye.

Very rarely can you arrive ready and refreshed after a regular flight. By flying private though, you sure can!


Why fly privately with CASAIR?


In the uncertain and everchanging world that we all live in today, it’s important to have a way to travel that you can rely on.

This time-efficient travel method is chartering a private plane in Perth with CASAIR.


Need a private plane charter in Perth?

Contact CASAIR today for all your business and personal private charter flight requirements.






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