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CASAIR Complete Aviation  is the best choice for air charter in Perth. Let’s have a look into what air charter involves and what can be chartered around Australia for your business.

Why choose CASAIR for air charter in Perth?

For the many reasons to move goods and personnel by air, read on to find out more.

What is Air Charter?

Air charter is the process of hiring an entire aircraft (the charter) to deliver something, be they material goods or even people!

At CASAIR Air Charter Perth, we can:

  • Uplift heavy and large items,
  • Deliver dangerous goods (more on that later)
  • And best of all, depart within 90 minutes of booking during business hours.

Communication is key to air charter services, and at CASAIR, we really are the Complete Aviation experts who are ready to operate our fleet of aircraft to deliver the best service possible.

Airport to airport, door to door, when there’s goods and personnel to move, there’s really no time to waste.

CASAIR cargo service and dangerous goods delivery

Our cargo service simply means our goods are delivered to their required destination via our Air Charter Perth pilots and fleet.

CASAIR are also able to assist with the movement of dangerous goods throughout Australia from your explosive materials, gases, flammable items, radioactive material, corrosives and toxics and more.

With CASAIR Perth air charter, we’ll guarantee:

  • Coordination of complete end to end movement,
  • The dangerous goods are professionally and legally packed and consigned
  • The necessary labels are attached, and paper work completed
  • Ensure there’s minimal delay in lodgement.

Whether it’s by air or by road, move your dangerous goods with ease and safety with the professional team at CASAIR.

The air charter Perth promise from CASAIR

As a business owner, you may from time-to-time get left high and dry with miscommunications and critical delivery delays. Rather than relying  on a Perth air charter company that doesn’t keep you in the loop, or is prone to delay, here’s the air charter Perth promise CASAIR has for you:

  • We offer service to and from areas you need to reach,
  • Offer a small and selective passenger seating that suits your needs,
  • And reliability, safety and integrity that’s second to none.

From Perth to Broome, Broome to Perth and the places in between – talk to the friendly team at CASAIR today to see where we’ll promise to take you and your precious cargo.

What are you waiting for? Book CASAIR for Air Charter in Perth today.

With over 25 years in the air charter Perth industry under our seatbelt, CASAIR knows what it takes to get goods and personnel delivered fast and safely.

Servicing multiple industries, and flying to multiple local and regional locations, choosing CASAIR for air charter in Perth is the safest and most reliable choice for your business and yourself.

For those urgent deliveries and critical jobs – you can get your goods delivered fast and in safe hands with CASAIR.

Need goods, personnel or cargo moved fast? Contact CASAIR, the experts in Air Charter Perth to minimise business downtime and maximise delivery service quality.


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