4 Things to Look for When Chartering a Private Plane in Perth

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When tasked with finding the ideal private plane charter company in Perth, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start, or what to look for.

What are the boxes that need to be ticked? What is the best value for money? What is the definition of a ‘good aircraft’? How about their safety measures? The list goes on.

Where do you start when you are looking at an industry where everyone is claiming to be the best? Don’t worry, we here at CAS AIR have created a list of 4 things you should look at, when doing your research.

This will offer you immense peace of mind, and ensure you get the best private flight experience you and your team rightfully deserve.


#1 Look at the private plane company’s reviews


This first point may feel like a no-brainer, and possibly unnecessary to include. But in reality, it is often a point that is missed. Usually, people only check and leave reviews when they are extremely happy, or extremely disappointed. An excellent private plane company with plenty of good reviews is likely a good choice for your private plane chartering needs.

Of course, there will always be anomalies, but hearing from others about their experience is a wise first step when you consider chartering a private plane from a company you are unfamiliar with.


 #2 Look at the safety measures the private plane company has in place


Does the company explicitly talk about their safety measures, practices, standards, and codes? This answer should always be ‘yes’. If the answer is no, then this company should immediately get off the potential list.

Safety is the number one priority, everything else comes second. You should be made aware of the company’s safety standards in a meeting, in written communication, or on their website. At CAS AIR, we list ours on our website, you can view our safety policy here. 


#3 How is their quality of service?


Suppose you wish to use a plane charter service that provides a sophisticated, and luxurious service. Look for an private plane charter company that is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can give a premium end-to-end service, including in-flight catering, ground transportation, car hire and accommodation. If luxury is what you want, luxury is what you deserve to get. You have every right to ask what you can expect from your flight charter, from the staff and the cabin layout to the services you will receive. This can be a huge deciding factor on what company you go with.


#4 Are their rates competitive?


Finally, you want to be reviewing the pricing of the private plane charter company in Perth. You want to assess if the pricing is reasonable for the services that are being provided. Remember that if you are paying for an executive private plane charter, you need to ensure you will receive the quality levels that the price reflects. Compare prices and services with other plane charter services, and make sure you always get a written quote, and get a chance to review their terms and conditions before even considering your flight plans.



Explore our charter services, and be sure to get in touch to discuss the opportunities available with our private planes in Perth.

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