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When booking a charter flight in Perth, do you ever wonder what the pilot gets up to, while you are off doing what you need to do?

You aren’t alone! So, we decided to pick the brains of our CASAir pilots, and pull some insights straight from their diaries. Today, we are exposing what our pilots get up to when flying one of our charters. Here is what they had to say:


#1 Prepare for the return flight


There is a lot a pilot and the crew have to do prior to getting the flight back home. This ranges from completing paperwork, cleaning the aircraft, ordering catering, sometimes even flying the aircraft out to another location. We like to get everything squared away prior to our planned departure. This way we are being proactive rather than reactive.


#2 Explore the town


If we get a few spare hours up our sleeve, then we definitely like to explore our surroundings. We get the best rapid tourist advice from taxi drivers, or down at the local cafe. If we can, we will find local gems before we have to fly once again.


#3 Exercise and sleep


Sometimes, our flight schedules are around the clock. We are talking early mornings, late nights, red-eyes, and really peculiar schedules. A pilot’s life can be just as exciting as it is tiring. Schedules like this call for a quick lunchtime nap to ensure we are prepped and ready to go for the flight home. We also ensure to stretch our legs, if it’s been a long day, with a healthy dose of exercise.


#4 Drink and enjoy what the locals like


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. We are almost certain this phrase was coined by a pilot. Whether it’s a classic neighbourhood bakery or the most highly rated café on Tripadvisor, our pilots will be there soaking it all in. If you need us, we will likely be devouring the seafood of Tasmania, or consuming a delicious tasting plate from a restaurant in St Kilda, Melbourne. We consume what the locals like.


#5 Play a round of golf (or two)


When in doubt, our team loves to play a little golf. By being a pilot of a charter flight, we get to experience some of the country’s best golf courses. If we are stopping over for a mere couple hours, you will find us making our way through nine holes in locations like Swan Hill, King Island and Mornington Peninsula. Being a pilot gives us access to some world-class golfing excitement.


Are you ready to book your private charter in Perth? Then be sure to get in touch. You can also explore our guide to travelling with pets, inspiration on when to book a private jet and our COVID-19 policies when flying. Ready to take to the skies? Then let’s chat. 


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