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Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) are known first and foremost amongst Perth businesses for our time and cost-efficient air freight services.

However, what isn’t always known is the reality that we offer more than flying freight, cargo and key personnel to and from remote sites and nationwide locations.

Want to learn more about CASAIR’s other tailored and equally efficient services?

Read more to find out.


International freight

Does your freight need to be delivered somewhere other than Australia?

CASAIR proudly have the following services on offer:

  • Import and export
  • Express or economy services
  • Consolidated and customised jobs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to tell us about your specific requirements so we can work with you towards a dedicated end goal that keeps everyone informed and happy.


Road freight

Need once-off or a consistent and trustworthy logistics partner in road freight?

CASAIR not only service the skies but navigate and deliver on the road, too, proudly offering:

  • Road express and general road services
  • Bulk haulage and consolidated services.

Why is road freight still valuable within Australia?

  • It’s considered to be, and rightfully so, a part of the backbone of and contributor to the national economy.
  • Prevents port congestion.
  • A key player in the integration of all logistics systems, regarded as the vital link between sea, air, site to site and door to door deliveries.
  • Has kept up to times with changes to the logistics industry and is only expected to grow in the future and benefit the country.

While air freight services are recommended for time critical freight pick-ups and drop-offs, you can rest assured that CASAIR’s own road freight options are also extremely time efficient and an asset to businesses.


Dangerous goods transport


Not everything that travels by road or by plane is safe or is allowed to be managed by just anyone.

Dangerous goods are considered any substances (be they gases, explosives, chemicals, liquids or finished products) that pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment.

Naturally, transporting these goods from one site to the next is no easy task. You need a company that has the experience, skills, safeguards and measures in place to do so, efficiently and compliantly.

Look no further than CASAIR for dangerous goods transport within Australia.


  • We have the capacity to coordinate the full end to end movement of dangerous goods.
  • This includes professional, safe packing, consignment and required labelling and paperwork.

You and your dangerous goods are in safe hands when you choose CASAIR as your logistics partner.



Get more with CASAIR


CASAIR have the comprehensive time-sensitive and mission critical freight services and personnel charter. Say goodbye to delays and commercial jet flying because you can fly with style, fly direct and skip the queues when you choose to fly with CASAIR.

Whether you need to transport employees and stakeholders for work or for leisure, need reliable and safe transportation of dangerous goods or dependable road freight services – CASAIR have the complete services tailored to you.


Need air freight, air charter or other equally efficient logistic solutions?

Contact CASAIR today and find out the best time and cost-effective services that will most benefit you and your business’ needs.


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