Debunking 7 Private Jet Hire Myths

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Debunking 7 Private Jet Hire Myths

For the rich and famous exclusively, single-handedly destroying the environment and a disaster waiting to happen – as a Perth air charter company, we’ve heard them all.

With the number of movies, TV shows and songs fueling these myths, we understand the anxiety and stereotypes some people have towards private jet hire.

Today at Complete Aviation Services, we’re going to be debunking 10 popular private jet hire myths.

Read more to change your perceptions about private jet charter in Perth.


Myth 1: Air charter is unsafe

Private jet hire isn’t unsafe, it’s more that it’s a niche market and so many people don’t know a lot about air charter companies.

Not knowing about a private jet company may be worrying, but research and choosing a reputable jet charter company, you’re in safe hands.

Choose the company that has undergone and continues with rigorous safety checks. Don’t be scared to ask all the questions.


Myth 2: You need to be a millionaire to afford air charter in Perth

This is the most common misconception, and although many of the rich and famous do choose air charter to travel, you don’t need to be a millionaire to afford a bit of private, sky-high luxury.

In fact, air charter in Perth can be surprisingly affordable, especially when costs are split between passengers and every seat is taken.


Myth 3: Air charter is slow

Smaller air charter models must mean a slower plane and a longer journey, right?

Well, not exactly.

Boarding is much quicker than a standard commercial flight, so you skip the queue that way.

Also, working with your air charter Perth pilot directly ensures you can choose the quickest route.

Plus, no peak hour on-road traffic to worry about, just a nice, smooth sky-high trip with your air charter Perth pilot.


Myth 4: Private jets destroy the environment

Often portrayed as indulgent, necessary and catastrophic to the environment, private jet hire often gets a bad reputation for false reasons.

Some air charter companies allow its passengers to offset the emissions (carbon footprint) caused by the flight.


Myth 5: Bad weather ruins air charter

Air charter hire in Perth ensures clients have greater flexibility than commercial airlines.

This means flying to greater heights to avoid turbulence, flying in and out of smaller airports and discussing alternative routes with your pilot, a benefit that just doesn’t exist with commercial flights.

Of course, safety is still paramount with your air charter Perth pilot, but bad weather doesn’t have to ruin your air charter.


Myth 6: Air charter is for select clientele only

Royalty, celebrity or world leader – air charter is no longer just for the elite.

Perth air charter debunks this myth as we’ve seen many treats for the family, thank you to a employee, a fun and romantic getaway enjoy a trip with air charter in Perth.


Myth 7: It’s stressful to book air charter in Perth

Booking Perth air charter doesn’t have to cause headaches.

With a dedicated and experienced team to ensure you get the best service on the ground and on board, you’ll have wished you experienced CASAIR sooner.


Safe, efficient, cost-effective and a little bit lavish – that’s what air charter is all about.

Ready to experience the efficiency and luxury of private jet hire yourself?

Contact Complete Aviation Services in Perth today for the complete aviation service, delivering you safely to your next destination.


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