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Aviation as it used to be, came to a screeching halt in 2020, and in 2021, individuals and business are still navigating the possibilities and realities of travelling safely.

Planning and preparation are necessary more than ever for business teams and individuals to fly in the future, and private charter flights are a great way to do so.

Want to know how private air charter promotes business continuity?

Read more from the Perth private charter flight company, Complete Aviation Services to find out.


The sky-high services you seek


At Complete Aviation Services, we really do provide the complete aviation services suited to individual business needs and requests.

Discover our services:

  • Private plane charter flights

Choose from our fleet of turboprop and piston engine aircraft to cater for small groups of FIFO workers, maintenance shut down projects, site visits, executive transport and tourism flights.

  • Perth air freight services

Full or part charter for delivery of goods and equipment, including time-sensitive, heavy equipment and dangerous goods transport.

  • Maintenance

High-quality maintenance, with a commitment to reliability, first-class safety and engineering integrity.



Convenience and flexibility combined

To be successful in business, you need to implement partnerships and protocols that make operations convenient. When you choose private air charter for personnel transport and air freight services for time-sensitive and regular deliveries, you’re choosing convenience.

At Complete Aviation Services, we deliver completely customisable flexibility on services at every level. It’s how we operate.


Where will you go next?

As we aim for more face-to-face interactions and networking events, it’s wise to plan ahead how to get to them, whenever they’ll become more frequent again.

You could go by car or bus, but that will take long, may result in inconvenient delays and staying over somewhere over night. You could opt for commercial airplanes or travel by train, but how are you to know the health of the person sitting next to you?

Corporate, private air charter is the straightforward solution for stress-free, fast and even last-minute travel arrangements. It promotes a great message to your team and stakeholders, offers a touch of luxury and comfort, plus – gets you to your desired location in really no time at all.


The Complete Aviation Services promise to you

Want to know the Complete Aviation Services promise to clients?

We strive towards 4 key values:


Mitigating the risks of road dangers and fatigue by flying your personnel and freight instead.


Time management is no doubt important to you. It’s important to us, too.


You choose who you want to accompany you on your flight, so your business conversations remain confidential, with no potential for public prying eyes or ears.


No queues, wait times or baggage check ins are found when you choose private air charter. The spacious comfort onboard allows you to complete business tasks onboard if you so wish.

Promote business continuity, growth and success by partnering with Complete Aviation Services for your travel requirements.


Need private air charter for personal or business purposes?

Contact Complete Aviation Services today for safe and reliable flights and air freight services throughout Australia.

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