How to Ship Heavy Freight Items with Air Charter in Perth

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Do you know what’s often a logistical challenge for businesses? Shipping heavy freight, not to mention the challenge of doing so, with urgent deadlines to meet.

Instead of giving up before you even start, there’s an easy solution to shipping heavy freight items, and that’s with the air freight specialists, Complete Aviation Services.

Ship by air?

Read more from the all things air charter Perth team to find out how.


Heavy freight air charter in Perth is possible

Most commercial passenger planes have a narrow-body like a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.

As such, they’re ideal for moving many passengers, plus their baggage, to their destination – but not so great with large, bulky and cumbersome goods.

Even if you wanted or tried to take this route, tough restrictions are in place that prevent airlines from loading items heavier than 50 kilograms on to their jets.


  • Because it involves manual handling in a confined space, and
  • Violates Occupational Health and Safety that’s designed for safety on the air and on the ground.

There’s got to be another way that doesn’t involve road transport or cargo ships, right?

Yes, there is, and it involves an air freight Perth service customised for business and freight transport.

What Complete Aviation Services can ship

You need a dedicated freight aircraft to ship larger and heavier items. This exists at Complete Air Services, with our air charter Perth services throughout Western Australia.

Trust that Complete Aviation Services can and will load almost any heavy item onto our charter plane with a forklift.

Accurate information provided by yourself on the transportable items, will ensure we have enough time and detail to advise if we can accommodate your needs.

Here’s what we have successfully and seamlessly accommodated and shipped in the past:

  • Heavy steel equipment,
  • Bearings,
  • Drill bits,
  • Fishing gear,
  • Electric motors and pumps,
  • Ship spares and marine parts, and more,
  • Plus, dangerous goods like explosives and radioactive materials.

Contact Complete Aviation Services exactly to see what heavy items we can ship for you.

Arranging Perth private air charter

Often, when heavy items don’t fit on a commercial flight, businesses opt to ship via road freight.

This doesn’t help when you’re racing against the clock for time-critical deliveries.

However, another air freight Perth service exists, and that’s private air charter with Complete Aviation Services.

At Complete Aviation Services we offer:

  • Time-efficient service and delivery,
  • Ideal services for urgent freight,
  • The capacity and experience of shipping heavy freight,
  • Dedicated and reliable services to Western Australian businesses and passengers.

With over 25 years of providing private charter flights in Western Australia, Complete Aviation Services are not limited to passenger transport.

In this time, we’ve been on a mission to:

  • Consistently improve our service, and
  • Innovate within the heavy freight and business logistics niche.

Our customised heavy cargo handling equipment ensures our staff are safe to efficiently move your heavy freight items to, within and from our aircraft, to its required destination.

Together, we can cut transport time and help you reduce business downtime with ease of service.

Need help with air freight services in Perth? Contact Complete Aviation Services today for urgent and non-urgent air charter for your business.



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