Moving Freight by Air or by Sea? Which is Better for Business?

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Transporting freight is often the most significant contributing factor to supply chain costs. 

That’s why as a business owner or manager, it’s crucial to be aware of your freight options. 

So, what freight transportation method is best for your business? 

Today at Complete Aviation Services, we’ll be scrutinising sea freight and air freight in Perth under a microscope. 

Interested? Read more to find out the best method for your business. 



Utilising air freight is much faster than sea freight. There’s no doubt about it. 

Traditional shipping from Shanghai to Australia can take just 13 days via the seas, however transit times and other unexpected issues are more common with this method. 

If your freight needs are urgent, or your business prides itself on time-efficiency for allthen air freight is the most appropriate option. 

There’s no transits or queues in the sky! 



Considering the urgency, you may find yourself willing to pay extra for air freight as opposed to traditional shipping. 

Generally speaking, sea freight will be cheaper due to the higher volume of goods available and better economies of scale. Some businesses choose sea freight because of how cheap it can be. 

However, when you choose air freight over sea freight, you’re investing in peace of mind and exceptional time-efficiency. 


Reliability and contractual obligations to buyers and other stakeholders 

Weather can and does affect many modes of transport, including air freight and sea freight. 

However, bad weather passes much quicker on land and in the air than it does on the high seas. 

What about contractual obligations? 

If your buyer or stakeholder requires an item before a certain date, fast and reliable air freight in Perth is your best option. 

Talk to Complete Aviation Services to discuss the freight needs for your business. 


The final verdict 

There exists pros and cons to utilising air freight or sea freight in your business. 

In summary, this is what we’ve learnt: 

The benefits of sea freight: 

  • These vessels are built to overcome extreme weather conditions 
  • This option is generally cheaper, keeping the costs of your supply chain down 
  • Sea freight can carry higher volumes of freight and cargo. 

The benefits of air freight: 

  • The faster method – great for urgent deliveries 
  • More reliable 
  • First available flights can be requested 
  • Overnight, off peak, airport to airport and door to door services are available. 

As always, consider the urgency of stockcontract terms with customers and other stakeholders, and the needs or your business before choosing a freight option. 

Utilising the best freight choice for your business is your call. Discover how Complete Aviation Services can become a crucial, trusted company in your supply chain. 


Complete Aviation Services are here to help businesses with reliable air freight solutions. 

We also have the capacity and trusted experience in providing comfortable private plane charter for passenger travel, too. 

Contact Complete Aviation Services today to book your very own private charter plane and air freight service in Perth 

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