The Rising Popularity of Private Plane Charter in Perth

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There’s no doubting readily accessible interstate and international travel has all but stopped, be it temporarily in 2020. Yet, the thrill, buzz and exciting experience of flying hasn’t gone away, you just need to look smaller, think bigger and turn your eyes instead to charter plane Perth options.

Where travel by commercial planes isn’t feasible, private charter planes in Perth are – for business and pleasure, or perhaps a bit of both?

Want to know more about the rising popularity of private plane charter? Read more from the charter flights Perth specialists at Complete Aviation Solutions, (CASAIR) to find out.

 People are building wealth

We’re making more money than ever before with ultra-wealthy individuals (with a net value of more than $50 million) expected to grow between 2017 – 2022 by 43%.

With this increase of wealth for many people, the age of billionaires and ‘the financially comfortable’ is decreasing.

What does this mean?

More money to spend on travel by luxury charter plane Perth means.

Also, micro-celebrities and social influencers are increasingly promoting aspirational lifestyles that involve travelling the way the rich and famous do.

So, if you’re rich or dream of being, charter plane Perth travel is the way to go…but can I let you in on a little secret? Hiring charter flights in Perth isn’t as expensive as you’d think.

 It’s getting cheaper to hire a charter plane in Perth

 That’s right! If you’re not a billionaire, you don’t have to forgo the experience and luxury of flying by private charter plane Perth.

Here’s why it’s not overly expensive and ways you can get a good deal:

  • Fly an ‘empty leg’:

This is when passengers are dropped off at the destination and the plane returns to its base empty, or an empty flight is en route to pick up passengers,

  • Check the best (cheaper) routes and dates with your charter plane Perth company, and
  • Travel with a group to split costs.

Anyone can travel safely and in style with professional Perth charter flights.

 Avoids the hassle of commercial air travel

 There’s simply no dealing with the time-wasting frustrations of commercial air travel when you choose to hire a charter plane for personnel or for air freight Perth.

How so?

  • Private plane charter in Perth offers more room to relax,
  • Excellent food and beverage offerings,
  • In-flight entertainment and increased onboard connectivity, and
  • No transits, layovers or queues.

Relax, sit back, and enjoy the ride, getting to your destination in no time, ready and refreshed.

It makes sense for transporting transport and for air freight Perth

 There’s definite value of using air freight Perth services to transport both stock and personnel.


  • Speed,
  • Safety,
  • Efficiency, and

When you choose air freight Perth, you’re joining the many happy businesses that prioritise the above qualities, who’ve made the popular charter plane Perth choice.

CASAIR for air freight Perth and private charter flights Perth

 As you can see, there’s many reasons behind the rising popularity of private plane charter.

Why not book one yourself for your next Perth holiday adventure, business travel or air freight Perth needs?

Ready to book your next private charter plane?

Contact CASAIR today for all your charter flights and air freight Perth needs.

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