What Does the Future of Air Freight Look Like?

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People have been transporting goods for many centuries. The methods of transporting freight have no doubt developed from ships, to trains, to road trains to air. 

All methods of transporting goods and even personnel have their perks, while some have more shortfalls than others. 

Today at Complete Aviation Services, we’ll be looking at the future, not the past, and focusing in on air freight Perth. 

What does the future of air freight look like? Are there clear skies or turbulent forecasts ahead? 

Read more from the Perth charter plane specialists to find out. 


The future of the air freight industry in a nutshell 

The year that was (and still for a short time is) 2020 has shaken up worldwide economies. There’s no denying that worldwide, air freight companies were hit hard by this unique crisis. Yet, there is hope for an early recovery. 

Nevertheless, these are the statistics that are expected to take air freight and charter flights to new heights: 

  • According to McKinsey & Company analysis, air-freight volumes will, on average, increase by 3% until 2030. 
  • As with most industries, digitisation is expected to disrupt the air freight Perth and worldwide industry, and it will be interested to see what companies can and cannot adapt. 
  • Collaboration between air-freight shippers, freight forwarders, airlines and cargo charter brokers will need to be seamless to better forecast volumes and peak demand periods in order to deliver cargo when needed, avoiding surplus. 
  • It’s expected that the global world freighter fleet will grow by more than 75% according to Boeing’s World Air Cargo Forecast. For instance, 1,390 freighters were in service in 2017, and 3,260 are expected to be in service by 2037. 
  • Sustainability and economic driven policies will impact air freight services. 

The cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency of charter flights in Perth is making not only air freight popular for businesses, but transporting their personnel, too! 


E-commerce is boosting air freight Perth 

According to Australia Post, in April 2020, online purchases grew 6.8% when compared to the 30 days before December 2019 – and that’s the Christmas period! 

This year, we didn’t travel by commercial planes. However, our sought-after online shopping orders certainly travelled, conveniently to our homes. 

E-commerce is really boosting air freight Perth and throughout the world. 

As a business, having the ability to send your freight and small-scale goods by air is a wise move. 


  • Air travel is often the best choice to meet time-critical deadlines, 
  • Fast deliveries equal happier customers, and 
  • It’s not as expensive, nor hard to organise as you would think. 

Complete Aviation Services have all the air freight Perth expertise and fleet requirements you need for e-commerce deliveries. We also service the transport of critical business equipment and private charter flights for personnel. 


Complete Aviation Services and your air charter Perth requirements 

We may not have a crystal ball into the future, but we can definitely tell you that this year will shape what comes nextfor air freight. 

What we do know, is that Complete Aviation Services have the air freight and private charter flights your business needs and desires. 

Contact Complete Aviation Services today for all your charter plane Perth needs covered and exceeded. 

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