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Have you been thinking about utilising a private charter plane for your Perth business, but not sure if the benefits are worth it?

Discover for yourself the multitude of reasons why businesses big and small are turning to the skies for important business travel and freight solutions.

Want to know why exactly air freight service is good for business?

Read more from the Perth private plane charter specialists at Complete Aviation Services (CASAIR) to find out.




From material freight to human freight (aka passengers), anything and everything on board will travel in comfort on a Perth private charter jet.

How is this possible?

It’s possible because of the quietness in the cabin and lack of engine vibrations.




A myth that needs to be busted is that flying for business purposes or utilising air freight services in Perth is very expensive. In fact, doing business this way is not as expensive as you would think.

Let’s weigh it up:

  • Transporting freight over long distances via sea or road takes longer and is subject to transfer delays.
  • Transporting employees and clients via commercial airplanes wastes time in the form of airport queues, terminal and potential plane delays.

The inconvenience of waiting around for events out of your control adds up – mentally and even financially.

We’re not saying Perth air freight services and hiring a private charter flight is the cheapest option, but it’s definitely the most cost effective when taking all the little things into account.




Air freight service in Perth and hiring a private charter flight for business purposes is the efficient choice for your business in more ways than one.

How else is it efficient?

  • No need to arrive hours before your flight
  • No baggage or passport check ins
  • No delays whatsoever, in any way, shape or form.

Time is money, so make the efficient choice by chartering a private plane in Perth for your business needs.




Short notice, urgent deliveries could get you frazzled and stressed but it doesn’t have to be like that.

With CASAIR, you get flexibility.

Flexibility in the form of:

  • First available flight availability
  • Overnight air freight
  • Off peak air freight
  • Airport to airport and door to door deliveries.

Flexibility is well appreciated in business and is readily available when chartering your own private plane for business purposes.


Personalised service and privacy


CASAIR strive to ensure you’re looked after every step of the way. This means the moment you book, until you arrive at your destination, you, your staff and freight is in good hands.

The comfort and privacy of your private plane charter is also possible on a private charter plane in Perth. This only enhances efficiency, whether you want to work on board or get some rest to arrive refreshed and ready to your destination.


CASAIR is good for your business

CASAIR have the air freight services that are not only good for, but excellent for your business.


Need air freight services in Perth?

Contact CASAIR today and let us help you take your business efficiency to new heights.






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